Pricing on your website

Pricing on your website

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Jun 25, 2014 category: Blog, Updates comments: 0

Why should I share my pricing on my website? What if my competitors snoop on my website and see what I’m charging?

We’ve gotten that question quite a few times over the last several years, so I wanted to take a few minutes and share some thoughts on that topic.

1. No one can get a quote without giving you their information. Your competitors won’t be able to see your prices, unless they are willing to fill in the form and give you their name, address, phone number and email.

2. If someone gives dummy information, you can “blacklist them.” If you think someone is just messing with you, ResponsiBid has the capability to block that person or IP address from getting anymore quotes.

3. The proposals ResponsiBid generates don’t focus primarily on cost. They sell value. The proposals are really compelling (and totally customizable) so the bid that’s presented is value based (just like you’d give in person), and not cost-centric. So if you have a prospect who is looking to compare prices, the ResponsiBid proposal sells your value, keeping them from comparing you to your competition.

4. The proposals use the same techniques used by some of the worlds foremost authorities on selling. For example, they use: good, better, best pricing— price anchoring— and unique selling propositions to maximize your ability to close more sales and at higher prices. Basically, when you give the customer 3 options, there’s a higher chance they pick one of your options. Win, win, win.

5. Automated follow-up keeps you from becoming a commodity. The automated follow-up emails to your customers ensure that even if you get too busy to call everyone back, you are still looking like a superhero by never forgetting to send an email that you said you would. This keeps your value high, and keeps you from being price shopped as much.

Are you ready to stop being a commodity, and start selling your real value to your customers? Have you ever had a competitor call you and try to get pricing information from you? Once you start to see yourself as offering unique value to your customers, you’ll find that more and more, it doesn’t really matter what “the other guy” charges. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

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