We fight for the little guy.

Our passion is small business. We believe in the Fortune 5 Million. And we jump out of bed every day to harmonize their lives. We build software tools that put entrepreneurs back with their families and build systems to help businesses grow controllably. Symphosize software harmonizes your life.


What is ResponsiBid?

It’s like hiring the most responsible office assistant you can imagine for a fraction of what an office assistant costs. And it does the job the way you want it to. Every time.

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What is Preburner?

It is a job application builder where your team builds online applications. Your candidates can reply to questions using video responses. Your team’s  collaboration automates the flow.

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Hands on services.

Do you need some personalized consulting for your small business or a speaker for your next event? Our roots in business development gives us the ability to offer consulting and speaking services for the real world with our real experience.

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