May 2014 Update

May 2014 Update

posted by: Curt Kempton date: May 01, 2014 category: Blog, Updates comments: 0

I’m going to say it: This is the most important update to ResponsiBid to date.

We have been working long and hard to build the most flexible bidding interface possible for the administrator side of ResponsiBid. We finally did it!

How the “Call Screen” works: You can do anything you want when taking an incoming call… all from one screen:
1. Finding a past customer (you will now be able to import all of your customers) and autopoulating a quote.
2. Giving anonymous bids without all of the required fields.
3. Collect all of the info ahead of time for a “visit for bid” person (and follow up specially with them)
4. And of course give a traditional quote (even if it includes or is limited to custom items) right out of the gate.

I made you this video so that you could see how it works.

A few other things to note:

1. Proposals now include the property address.
2. You can now directly access customers into the call screen using an icon on the dashboard.
3. You can now access the customer profile, customer proposal link, and the edit labels screen directly from the internal proposal.
4. New contacts area allows imported customers to exist without existing bids, plus a comprehensive search feature.
5. New followup status for “Visit for Bid” customers.
6. New tabs on the dashboard to view anonymous bids and visit for bids.
7. All pages of bids now available on the dashboard.
8. Allow window cleaning quotes to flag “bid in person” if any storm windows are entered.
9. Notification email refinements.
10. Collect company name for commercial bids.
11. Mass update/delete contacts.
Various bug fixes and improvements.

Keep in mind that this new feature is available only in premium and deluxe accounts.

I can’t wait to hear how this helps your business grow! Happy ResponsiBidding!

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