We Added More Stuff… Again

We Added More Stuff… Again

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Jan 17, 2013 category: Blog, Updates comments: 0

The last few months have been a wild ride.  We have been pumping up the ResponsiBid software really hard to get out a ton of new features.  And even though we would have loved to have beat the new year, we are pretty happy about where we are at now.  I know there are going to be lots more things coming down the pipeline, but I thought I’d take a minute to help spell out the releases in the recent past.

Last night:

  1. The new “Black List” module:  You can “Hard Blacklist” lots of different criteria including IP addresses so that when they complete the bid, the person filling it out will get an error message to keep it from submitting completely.  OR you can “Soft Blacklist” a person so that they will get a message saying to correct the data that they put in. For example: If someone said their last name is “Doe” you could set it to ask them to try again before finishing that section (if it is “Soft Blacklisted”) or you could allow them to submit their bid, but give them a total error (if it is “Hard Blacklisted”).
  2. A shiny new red “delete bid” button.
  3. Minor bug fixes.


  1. The new “Lightbox” install option.  You can install ResponsiBid in 2 ways now: The form style, or the new “lightbox” style that pops off the page and moves as more of a walk-through approach.  You can install the numerous ways, 1. Simply with our default button. 2. A 2 step process attached to your own image 3. or as a hyperlink.
  2. Internet Explorer fixes… Dang browser.
  3. You can now click directly from the notification email into the customer’s profile.
  4. Massive server overhaul and upgrades for quicker bidding and to handle all of the new traffic.
  5. Minor bug fixes.


  1. You can now compare your company to the national averages in SO many ways.
  2. Minor bug fixes.


  1. You can now edit a profile.  When you save the changes, it will re-calculate the bid and re-price the affected services (including house size!) so that your customer’s numbers are always up to date.
  2. Any followup emails that you have automatically sent from the followup builder that include a link to their bid will link only to the new bid– although you will still have access to the original bid AND original information from that original bid.
  3. Minor bug fixes.


  1. Reporting module complete.  You can now track your advertising and see insanely clear insight which advertisers are tearing it up for you, and which ones aren’t.
  2. You can now edit HTML inside your fly-outs.
  3. Storm window disclaimer message/label improved.
  4. Internet Explorer hacks.
  5. Minor bug fixes.

11/7/2012 (initial V2.0 PUBLIC RELEASE):

  1. Follow-up builder fully tested and complete.  You can now automate the followup process with people who get a bid, and it will automatically stop the followup once the person books a job, or declines the bid.
  2. Minor bug fixes.

11/1/2012 (For Beta Testers):

  1. Lots of bug fixes with java scripts, and tuning of features.  
  2. Commercial bid tuning

10/6/2012 Beta Version Goes Live (2.0):

  1. Over 500 new improvements over the old version
  2. Streamline user interface
  3. All new picture images
  4. Life gets awesome for ResponsiBidders!

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