Video Contest Announcement

Video Contest Announcement

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Sep 01, 2016 category: Blog comments: 0

Have you been using the new video feature in ResponsiBid? Have you been waiting to see some ideas of others? We’d like to invite you to take part in a fun contest where you can show off your cool ResponsiBid videos to help inspire others who haven’t gotten started with it yet.

So here’s how it works:

  1. Share up to 4 of your ResponsiBid videos with us by simply replying to this email, including the links to your videos.
  2. We will divide all entries into the 4 categories: Sales Intro Video, Bid Help Video, Proposal Header Video, and Package Sales video
  3. Then we will have a contest where other ResponsiBid users can vote on the videos they like the best.

The winner in each category will win a really great prize!

We have recently created a new resource to give you ideas for a script for each type of video which you can access here: 

Ideas to get started 

Check out our demo video, recorded on a smartphone:

(In less than 10 minutes!)


Here’s where we give you all the tips and tricks:

Sales Intro Video Sample ScriptWelcome the customer into the bidding process and let them know what to expect, and how to proceed.

Bid Help Video Sample ScriptWalk the customer through a specific bidding process. Maybe how to count windows. Maybe how to measure a driveway. Maybe how to tell what kind of wood is on their deck. Those are all separate videos though. Don’t try to put them all into one.

Proposal Header Video Sample ScriptThank the customer for getting a quote. Tell them how they’ll never regret doing business with your company and what makes you different as a whole.

Package Sales video Sample Script: Explain to the customer which package within a service is the best choice. Tell the customer why the service is definitely worth the price. Sell like you would in person. Keep this specific to a particular set of packages though. 

Creativity is the key

Remember that these scripts are here to get your ideas flowing. You can be as creative as you like, so be sure that your video submissions are sharing, convey to us us– and your customer– what makes your company so great. Make this a video that demonstrates why it would be POINTLESS to get a bid from any other company!

Contest schedule

We can accept entries for this contest until Thursday, Sept 15th, and then we will begin the voting process Friday, September 16th until October 1st. Be sure to be original, professional, and fun! Not only will you win a great prize, but you’ll notice that your proposals will be packing a huge punch and you’ll be inspiring 100’s of other ResponsiBidders!

Let’s do this!

Connect with your customers in an all-new way, and let us reward you.

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