3 Things you need to do to Set Up ResponsiBid & See Success

3 Things you need to do to Set Up ResponsiBid & See Success

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3 Things you need to do to Set Up ResponsiBid & See Success

Would you like to know the one key difference between businesses who land awesomely ridiculous amounts of jobs on ResponsiBid – and those that see an average amount of success? The difference is this: it’s all in how you set up ResponsiBid.

And the most important part of setting up your ResponsiBid account is in the first 3 steps:

  1. Defining and setting up ResponsiBid Packages
  2. Determing Standardized Pricing Points
  3. Setting up the Automated Follow-Up Process

As much as we’d love to cover each step in every detail right here, the simple fact is that it would take hours of video to cover a complete setup sufficiently. That’s why we strongly recommend you work with our certified ResponsiBid account trainers and coaches. Their expertise will save you hours of effort – and get you up and running in next to no time.

Even with an account trainer in your corner, though, let’s make sure we’ve got the basics covered.

#1 Most Important Task: Define and Set up ResponsiBid Packages

The very first thing you need to do is define and set up ResponsiBid packages.

If you’re using different systems (or offering different packages) on different websites, people are going to get confused. And, when it’s your employees who are confused, that reflects poorly on your company. So make sure that whatever packages you’re going to offer, they’re consistent across the board.

Taking the time to create the systemized packages – and then training your team on what each option includes – means it’s easier for your potential clients. In other words, it’ll be easier for you to ResponsiBid your way to more jobs.

Pro tip #1: Offer 3 packages. That way, everyone’s on the same page. Your team, your clients, and anyone who’s thinking about hiring you will know exactly what’s on the table.

As you’re deciding which packages you want to offer, here’s a few more pro pointers to keep in mind.

  1. Everything in the ResponsiBid system is customizable. So make it fit your company!
  2. You can have up to 5 packages, but we recommend having 3.
  3. People scan. So keep package names and descriptions short and simple.
  4. Use line items to differentiate and upsell your packages by focusing on benefits.
  5. Order your line items so that it’s easy to read (or scan).
  6. Don’t use jargon or focus on fancy features. Keep it simple.

Ready for one more Pro tip for your packages?

Pro tip #2: Having 3 packages makes it easier for customers to decide what services they need. A “most popular” package should be the one you’re trying to sell. A lower-tiered package with fewer services can be made to compete with competitors running sales. And your last package should be the upsell. Doing this will land you more sales – and more upsells.

Now that your packages are ready, it’s time to determine and set your pricing.

Task #2: Determine (and Standardize) Your Pricing

Making sure that your pricing is set, stable, and standardized is just as important as it is for your packages. Why?

Because a standardized approach means you can give automated quotes immediately.

Those automated quotes mean landing you more jobs – without extra effort or even having to be there.

In your ResponsiBid account, there’s two ways to set your pricing.

    • The first is by choosing an hourly rate for each package. Then, you assign a predetermined amount of time to each service in the package. And then ResponsiBid will take input from your client, calculate using your numbers, and give an accurate bid every time.
    • The second way to set your pricing is by assigning every service in your package a dollar amount. Then, ResponsiBid will use those numbers in combination with a client’s data to calculate your accurate, immediate quotes.

Within either of those pricing methods, there’s room for customization, discounts, and setting specific parameters to trigger an in-person bid.

Then, once you’ve got all of that set up to your liking, be sure to run a test bid of your automated pricing system. You’ll be able to see, in real time, how the system calculates your bids. You’ll be able to make any adjustments that may be needed so that the system gets your bids right every single time.

Pro Tip #3: Testing is an important step! Because if the wrong numbers or settings are used, the system will give the wrong bid – every time. But with testing, you can guarantee that the numbers are all right – and so are all of your bids.

Once that’s all done, it’s time to set up your automated follow-ups. That way, you’re following up – and landing – those jobs that used to fall through the cracks.

3rd Task: Set and Enable your Automated Follow-Up

Once you’re giving out great bids, you want to make sure you’re setting up a great follow-up, too. And you can do this via the ResponsiBid follow-up builder.

As soon as a potential client gets a bid, they’re in your follow-up system. They’ll be assigned a single status, depending on which part of the buying cycle they’re in. Each status can be fully customized to your liking, branding, and personal preference. And there’s even room for adding additional status options, so that your follow-up can be exactly like you need it to be.

Within the follow-up system, you’ll be able to use email, text messages, and even voice mail to keep in touch with your clients. Your automated follow-up system will allow you to:

      • close jobs with people who got distracted and forgot to book the job;
      • get valuable feedback from those who opted to go with your competitors;
      • snag lucrative jobs that used to get lost in the cracks.

Pro Tip #4: The better, more thorough, and more natural your follow-ups are, the less business will fall between the cracks.

Now, as far as writing the emails in your follow-up sequence… if you’ve already got an email sequence, just copy and paste that into the ResponsiBid follow-up status that makes the most sense. If not, be sure to check out the default status and emails for inspiration. Then, write your follow-up. And here’s another Pro tip on how to do that…

Pro Tip #5: Write and schedule your follow-up as if you were dealing with your most lucrative client. That way, everyone gets the same, awesome A+ treatment – and your company’s reputation for professionalism, courtesy, and follow-through only grows.

Still here? That’s impressive, because this was a lot of valuable information! But your investment will pay off when those jobs start coming in on their own.

Because now you’ve got a solid foundation in the 3 most important parts of setting up your ResponsiBid account: getting your packages set up right; setting your pricing; and implementing your automated follow-up system.

Which means that, with an account coach, you’re going to breeze right through these parts of your account set up. And that means you’re **this much closer** to ResponiBidding lots more jobs.

Ready to ResponsiBid your way to more jobs? With our 2-to-1 ROI guarantee, signing up for our FREE trial almost isn’t fair – to us.

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