SEO Exclusive for ResponsiBid users

SEO Exclusive for ResponsiBid users

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Aug 11, 2011 category: Blog comments: 0

Ok… I've been working hard on finding a great answer for my ResponsiBid customers, and now I've finally found it.
What every ResponsiBid user wants:
We've already determined that ResponsiBid can be used in many different ways, but obviously the more web traffic you're getting the more you are loving ResponsiBid. And some users need more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to really get a leg-up.
Here's what I did:
I have used a guy who does SEO in Peru to take to the next level. He had me ranking #1 in my area within 2 months or so for all the keywords I gave him. It cost me about $100-$300 per keyword phrase.  (ie: "Gilbert, AZ Window Cleaning") It was worth it then… and it's worth it now. But I know we're all working on a budget.
What I've been working on for you:
I figured that if we are all using pretty much the same keyword strings (ie. *your city* window cleaning, etc.) We could combine our forces and use my guru (who already has great pricing) and get amazing pricing. Basically he does white-hat link building which is a fancy way of saying he makes your site look awesome to search engines for certain keywords without doing the stuff that will eventually get you in trouble with Google.  Also, he doesn't do too much on your site itself, mostly it's all stuff pointing TO your site.   I have been in talks with him to try to get you a price for 10 keyword strings that would cost A LOT less than what I paid… after all, he's going to have an easier time building off-site links for a bunch of related businesses, right?
The Deal:
All ResponsiBid customers need to get me a list of 10 of their favorite search terms for their site, for example:

Window Cleaning Gilbert, AZ
Gilbert AZ window Washing
House Washing in Gilbert… etc.

Use the google keyword tool (click here) before you submit it so you know you are getting ranked for keywords that matter!  I sent you an email about this, so you can just respond to that email for me to reserve your space.  The price hasn't been totally determined, but my guy plans to rank your site for ALL 10 keywords in the top 3 (and any other keywords that are naturally pulled up with the ones you pick) for about $199/month (2-6 months depending on how competitive your keywords are). HOWEVER…. if more than 20 companies come on… the price will start dropping FAST.
What you need to do:

You got an email from me today. Send me your list of 10 keywords that you determined you wanted to hone in on from the google keyword tool.
If you already rank well… pick keywords you don't rank as well for… or ones that keep jockeying back and forth.
If you have a secondary domain, use it to start dominating the first page.
Get these domains (limit it to 2 URLs for now– we can explore more later) and list of 10 keywords over by Wednesday afternoon (Aug 3rd)
Reply to me ASAP if you have any questions.  I can help you if you need me to.

We will have a price over to you ASAP after that and you can tell us if it's something you want to do.
So there is no initial commitment, but we could potentially get your ResponsiBid a huge amount of extra traffic for a very low price, so let's see what our buying power can do!

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