ResponsiBid Fall Release 2015

ResponsiBid Fall Release 2015

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Dec 01, 2015 category: Blog, Updates comments: 0

What’s New in the ResponsiBid Fall Release for 2015?

We’re really excited about the new update that we just rolled out to your account!

In short:  We added 5 new modules.

Christmas Lights
Deck Cleaning
Gutter Whitening
Lawn Care
and Maid Service


What you’ll want to know: These modules are in a different place than the regular modules, becasue they are quite different. They hold all of the package, pricing, proposal, and volume discount information within the module area. So they are located at:

Settings > Services

Go there now!

You’ll notice that of course they are disabled by default, but you can customize the ones you want, then turn them on and enjoy!

Get ready!  Our plan is to move all of your other service modules over into this format in the coming months… We think you’re going to love all of the new control!

Covered in the following video:

  1. What this means for your existing (legacy) modules.
  2. Customizing the module name, package names, and package items.
  3. Setting up factors, choosing images, and customizing the questions.
  4. Using the pricing inputs, base price & fine tuning
  5. Final details & disclaimers
  6. Enabling & disabling modules
  7. Running a bid
  8. The new editing features

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