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  1. caleb wininger Says: January 25, 2017 11:12 am

    One of the big automation problems we have is billing/payment receipt. Our system is paperless and fairly automated, but it’s not very effective in getting us paid promptly. We email invoices via our CRM after a job is finished, but find that these emails often either end up in spam folders or get ignored (this has happened regardless of the CRM we are using or method of automated billing, so it’s not really a CRM-specific problem). This creates a cycle where we have to follow up with customers again via email, phone call etc several times to connect with them to get paid. This obviously causes problems with cash flow and well as wasted effort and time on the follow-up efforts. Does Lisa have any suggestions on a foolproof way to automate online invoicing so that we can get paid quickly and easily without having to chase down our busy customers?

  2. Mark Dahlberg Says: January 25, 2017 11:16 am

    How can we use automation in connection with eddm?

  3. Jeremiah Gibson Says: January 25, 2017 11:16 am

    As a business owner who has focused on automation, how do you see responsibid fitting into your current systems?
    How might other business owners and managers better utilize responsibid and what types of automation would increase its benefits?

  4. beckie Says: January 25, 2017 11:44 am

    1. in addition to automation, what CRM’s are the best to use for the cleaning industry to track our clients as well as sales?
    2. what types of marketing are you utilizing for your clients
    3. automation – creating systems in place such as scripts for pressure washing companies Sell More Services and have them come back over and over again

  5. Sid Graef Says: January 25, 2017 11:45 am

    Hi Curt – congrats on getting together with Lisa on this webinar.
    Here are a few questions for you – sorry if I’m being a “Question Hog”

    1) How deep can we go in automated followup, and how much segmentation should we use?
    Ex: should we followup for months vs years?
    Ex: should we set up categories for followup for prospects, customers, commercial vs residential.
    How about for different types of services? carpet cleaning, gutter, window, etc?

    2) What are some simple guidelines or principles to follow when setting up followup?

    3) Can you give any examples of followup sequences?

    4) What are things in a service business that can be automated by technology that most business owners don’t think of or don’t think can be automated?

    5) What marketing principles do you focus on for long term growth (especially for a mature company)?

    Thanks Curt – I have dozens more questions. But I’ll save them for later.

    “See” you next Tuesday.

    Sid Graef

  6. Kyle Wick Says: January 25, 2017 3:11 pm

    Great minds must think alike. Just last week I was thinking of ways to automate my company. My most pressing question would be this. Can you automate your business so it looks like this or is this to much automation:
    1. Customer does quote through Responsibid.
    2. Customer schedules themself in with scheduling software.
    3. Two automatic emails go out with the scheduled date, time and price.
    4. Technician on job gets the work emailed to them and show on the calendar.
    5. technician clicks on calendar to start travel time to job and customer gets notified by text or email letting them know he or she is on there way.
    6. Work is completed by technician. They complete the job.
    7. Automatic email gets sent to the customer by email or text and they pay on the spot by credit card or check.
    8. Technician gets payment closes job.
    9 Then customer goes into automation sequence by email.
    10. They ask to be called in the fall to get work scheduled in. So you put them into the fall sequence to receive an email when it gets closer to the date.

    Thank you

  7. Ajmal Says: January 26, 2017 9:58 am

    HI Curt,

    Thank you for inviting us, I have some general question for Lisa,
    What is the best way of expanding your companies to other areas and cities ? Franchises, Dealerships, Partnerships ?
    For a window cleaning company, at what point we should start offering franchises ?

  8. Shane Whelan Says: January 29, 2017 2:36 pm

    Thanks for doing this, Curt!
    Questions for Lisa:
    1. Of all the different area’s you could automate in your business what is the single most important?
    2. Are you able to narrow down the single biggest process/system change that you made that grew your business?
    3. What is the most effective way to follow up with a potential prospect?
    4. What is the most effect way to follow up with a customer who you have just done work for?

  9. Robert Allen Says: January 30, 2017 2:54 pm

    Looking forward to responses on some of the above questions. I also like the idea of systematizing a solution that avoids double data entry (or triple… quote, schedule, billing, follow-up…). Expanding to other cities through territory licensing is appealing but would be greatly benefitted by an automated system. How much can be pre-packaged to make the system work in a turn-key fashion without too much hands on for the daily workflow of each territory?

    Also, with any cleaning or other service-type business, we value repeat customers but the frequency varies. We all need new customers daily to continue to grow. What is the best way to find them?

  10. Jannet Cruz Says: January 31, 2017 1:12 pm

    What types of marketing are you utilizing for your clients and how often?

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