New ResponsiBid Early Fall Release

New ResponsiBid Early Fall Release

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Oct 19, 2015 category: Blog, Updates comments: 1

Fall update 10/19/15

NOTE: This update is only going to truly affect premium accounts since it deals directly with the new follow-up builder functionality.

Here is a formal list of everything included in this update:

  1. Each step can be one of 3 things: Email, SMS (text) message, *or* a status change (we’ve been calling it “auto-flipping”)
  2. You can now add as many steps to each follow-up as you like.
  3. You can now use your own email server so that emails are not coming through ResponsiBid’s mail servers… but just like if the email came from your own email account– you can even see it in your sent folder of your email account!
  4.  Add as many statuses to your follow-up builder as you want.
  5.  Name each follow-up step as you like.
  6.  With the new flexility you can send yourself as many admin emails as you want throughout a sequence.
  7.  Many more fine-tuning improvements.

This is an exciting release because it will give you the power to infinitely follow-up with customers exactly the way you want to. We hope you love it!

Happy ResponsiBidding!

Would you like to become a follow-up pro with the new system? Watch this video!

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