New Beta Release 9/22/15

New Beta Release 9/22/15

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Sep 21, 2015 category: Blog, Updates comments: 0

Huge update to the follow-up builder (premium users)

NOTE: Your account will be inaccessible between 7-8am Eastern time while we upgrade your account

Here is a formal list of everything included in this update:

  1. Use as many follow-up steps as you want now!
  2. Name your follow-up steps whatever you’d like.
  3. Use text messaging as part of your follow-up automation.
  4. Have sequences “auto-flip” into new sequences.
  5. Add as many admin notifications as you like.
  6. Integrate your own email account directly into ResponsiBid instead of sending on behalf of your email address with ResponsiBid’s servers.
  7. Add as many custom statuses as you want.
  8. Make your custom statuses act like the scheduled status (where automation happens based on a date in the future)

This is part 1 of the fall release that we are beta testing. We’ve got a bunch of the kinks worked out, but it required us to convert all old follow-up forward into the new follow-up engine. We could really use your help in getting this all ironed out, so please keep an extra eye out to see if you notice anything strange with new or old customers or their follow-up.

We will really appreciate your help in testing out this new update to make sure it’s as rock solid as we hope it is.

Happy ResponsiBidding!


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