March 2014 Update

March 2014 Update

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Feb 26, 2014 category: Blog, Updates comments: 0

Our users have been begging to get the sleekness and automation of ResponsiBid into other services, and this month premium ResponsiBid accounts can add in a bid to their proposals for whatever they want.

How it works: Essentially you can now modify any bid by adding in an existing module or you can select the new “custom item” module. This will allow you to add things to the proposal that ResponsiBid can’t give automated bids for. Think of it… you could add maid services, garbage can cleaning, or any other items you’d like to a proposal, including any upsell you’d like.

I made you this video so that you could see how adding items to a proposal can now be done.

This video shows you how to add multiple users to your account.

Keep in mind that these new features are available only in premium accounts.

Here is a formal list of everything included in this update:

1. The new add service button found in the bids on file section of a customer profile (premium users)
2. The new custom service module found when adding a service to a proposal (premium users)
3. Increased time zone robustness (all users)
4. Increased “call out” on proposals to ask prospects to select the package they’d like. (all users– editable by deluxe and premium users)
5. Added the left and center alignment options in the email editor within the followup builder (premium users)
6. You can now add multiple users and sub users (premium users)
7. Various new permissions added for sub users (premium users)
8. Various user interface improvements in the lightbox (premium users)
9. Various stability improvements and functionality refinements (all users)

As you can imagine, we are really excited to roll this out to all users as our March release (we were so excited we couldn’t wait for March to come) and you can find all of these releases in your account right now!

Happy ResponsiBidding!

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