January 2014 Update

January 2014 Update

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Jan 24, 2014 category: Blog, Updates comments: 0

Today we released a few new things in your account and our beta testers have been loving it!

*IMPORTANT– current premium users require immediate attention, see next paragraph*

We made a change to the email editor that cleaned up the way the followup builder was building the emails… HOWEVER, that inadvertently stripped a bunch of formatting out of your current emails (now found in the “open status” email tab). Please take a moment and freshen up your followup builder “open” emails by putting in the breaks (hitting return) where some of them probably disappeared. Some of you might even have all of your paragraphs look like one big mass of text. We’re so sorry for this, but I promise it will make your emails look so much better in the long run and in all email viewers!


1. Followup builder for every status plus 3 custom*: (Premium users) You must customize and turn on the new emails for this to work, but now you can have a custom followup with every potential customer or past customer to either confirm jobs, ask for a recurring job, or salvage a relationship. You can now create a custom status and whenever a customer is moved into that status you can followup with them however you like.

2. The sidebar search feature: (All users) Now you can search for bids really quick right from your sidebar.

3. Better user interface for followup builder and cleaner email builder*: (Premium users) If you are already using the old followup builder, you will need to ensure that the open status emails, which are your old customized emails still look right… you may need to do some formatting. Also, you can now enable whichever followup emails you would like to followup in all situations.

4. Stop/resume followups: (Premium users) Now when you are in a customer’s profile you can stop a followup and either “re-start” it by changing their status in the regular place, or you can “resume” it by clicking a button where the “stop” one used to be!

5. Ability to send from up to 6 emails*: (Premium users) Now you can add up to 6 emails to get in on the followup process within the followup builder.

6. Ability to bcc yourself on followup emails* (Premium users) Now you can select any of up to 6 email addresses to blind carbon copy every time a particular email is sent out.

7. Ability to manually opt in/out customers for emails (All users) When you go into a customer profile, you can click on their email address and see if there is a green (opted-in) or a red (opted-out) envelope. By clicking on the envelope and saving, you can reverse the email status of that email.

8. Carpet cleaning & upholstery module* (All users) If you offer carpet cleaning as a service, go into your company profile and turn this service on. You will love how deeply we went in making the most flexible and straight-forward module we’ve ever made!

9. Tile cleaning module* (All users) Like the carpet cleaning module, you will be amazed at how this works.

10. Clock in sidebar (All users)

11. Tons of new toggle switches for better user experience (All users) notice how much easier it is where we’ve removed almost all checkboxes or radio buttons… it will be much easier to navigate for you and your customers!

12. Ability to set your own time zone* (All users) Go into your administration page and enjoy the ability you now have to set your time zone, and also the increments of the time picker (for when you are scheduling appointments).

13. Ability to add a scheduled time window to scheduled jobs* (All users) now you can tell ResponsiBid the date AND arrival window of a scheduled job… very handy for premium customers who want the followup emails to let the customer know when to expect the crew!

14. Tons of speed improvements (all users) You are going to love how we were able to speed ResponsiBid up even though we added all of these features.

15. +/- buttons on smartform and lightbox only show on mobile devices and are more elegant (All users) We now made it so that the + & – buttons are out of your way when you are on a desktop, but super handy on mobile devices!

16. Included storm windows in the “zero” check for window quotes (All users) Now you can do storm window only jobs if you want.

17. Better color coding and separation in the customer profile (All users)

18. Adjustment stability improvements (Deluxe & Premium users)

19. Ability to have a printer friendly version of customer profiles (All users) If you want to print out a customer profile it will now fit much better on the page and not destroy your ink cartridges.

20. Replying to the notification email will go to the prospect now (if there is an email provided)– (All users) Go ahead… hit reply now!

21. Reporting and booked jobs now reflect any adjustments made after a booking (All users)

22. Commercial bids can now be converted to residential bids (Deluxe & Premium users)

These changes have added a lot of functionality to you application, some of which you wold have to turn on if you want to use it. Anything marked with an (*) requires your attention to either turn it on, or evaluate how you’d like to use it.

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