Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar Integration

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Feb 25, 2016 category: Blog, Updates comments: 1

Spring 2016 Update!

Our update that went out last night was a pretty big one and here’s the rundown:

  1. Google Calendar Integration – ResponsiBid will schedule jobs for you in Google calendar, make the notes you need, and listen for any changes to fix follow-up if you move the appointment.
  2. Faster servers – We upgraded the ResponsiBid servers to be faster and more diverse.
  3. Hourly pricing – You can now price jobs by the hour in the module builder. This will allow you to set an hourly rate and then in step #3 of the module editor you can change from pricing by dollars to by the minute or hour. Raising your prices will be as simple as raising your hourly rate once you switch to this method!
  4. Cleaner price breakdown – See our new cleaner price breakdown when you expand out a price.

A lot of users will probably be excited about the Google Calendar integration– and of course it’s going to be a huge time saver by keeping your calendar in sync with ResponsiBid and any follow-up associated with the status.

We definitely encourage you to look at the “Hourly pricing” issue though. It’s going to be a huge help for a few reasons:

  • Sometimes it’s easier to think about bidding items in terms of time… not dollars.
  • Raising your prices is easier to just raise your hourly rate than to have to keep editing all the pricing areas.
  • Once ResponsiBid starts tracking how long the factors are taking, it will open the door for a future ResponsiBid update to break a job down by time and money.

Would you like to see a video?

Here’s a quick screencast of how it all works! We hope you love it and have a super 2016!

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