Give Back With ResponsiBid’s Level-Up Program

Give Back With ResponsiBid’s Level-Up Program

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Give Back With ResponsiBid’s Level-Up Program

Remember when you first started your service business?

Long hours. HARD hours. It felt like you were lost in a desert thirsting for any help & guidance you could get.

Well, right now there are tons of new service business owners going through the same thing.

And maybe you’ve thought:

Is there a way I can help other business owners thirsting for guidance?

The answer is yes. We call it:

The Level-Up Scholarship Program

Keep reading and you’ll learn:

  • What the Level-Up Scholarship Program is.
  • How It Works.
  • What happens upon graduation.
  • And how YOU can help.

1. What Is The Level-Up Scholarship Program?

The Level-Up Scholarship Program gives struggling service business owners free access to education and accountability coaching. It’s designed for hard workers looking to transform from owning a “job”…to owning a “business”.

This program is NOT a hand-out, either. It’s a hand-up!

It requires a solid work ethic, a willingness to learn, and a strong drive to succeed.

In other words, The Level-Up Scholarship Program is not for everyone. Only service business owners actually willing to put the work in will be approved.

2. How Does It Work?

We’ve teamed up with Conquer to create a scholarship program focused on 2 things: accountability & education.

  • First, recipients will be enrolled in a 12-week course that teaches them how the sales, marketing, operations, and finance portions of their business all work together.
  • Second, they’ll attend monthly 1:1 accountability sessions to ensure they’ve effectively applied what they’ve learned to their business.

Our goal is to give program members all the tools they need to “own their business” and not be “owned by their job”.

The program is 100% free for recipients. All funds are through individual monthly donations that are matched by ResponsiBid.

3. What Happens Once They Graduate?

Graduation takes place after the 12-week course is completed and recipients become the masters of their business.

And if all accountability goals have been met throughout the program, as determined by their 1-on-1 coach, then they’ll receive bonus graduation gifts as well.

Here’s a list of all the graduation gifts that program graduates will receive.

Graduation Gifts:

  • 1 free year of ResponsiBid Ultimate
  • 1 free year of SendJim
  • 1 free year of Quality Driven Software
  • Free admission to Bookkeeping Academy’s online “4 Weeks to Better Bookkeeping Class”
  • 1 free month of “guaranteed hire” to recruit their first employee by Blue Skies Admin Services (job postings, applicant filtering/vetting, and interview setup)
  • 1 free ticket to the ResponsiCon sales conference

4. How Can I Nominate Someone?

The only way a business owner can enroll in the Level-Up Scholarship Program is by being nominated.

(You can not apply for the program yourself.)

Once you sign up as a donor on our Patreon page, you’ll receive a link to nominate someone you think would benefit from the scholarship program.

After that, we’ll send that person an application to see if they’re a good fit for the program.

Being nominated for the program is NOT a guarantee they’ll be admitted.

We’ll only be admitting applicants that are a good fit and only if the funds are available.

5. How Can I Help?

Ready to join us in giving back to the service industry? It’s easy!

You can donate up to $10/mo directly through our Patreon page.

And for every dollar donated, ResponsiBid will MATCH it with our own $10/mo donation too.

With your donations and ours combined, our goal is to reach $20,000 a year in total funding. But this can only happen with your help.

If you’re ready to join us on our mission CLICK HERE to donate on Patreon.


The Level-Up Scholarship Program is a great way to give back to the service industry.

It’s designed for new or existing service business owners looking to work hard at truly owning their own business…and not just a “job”.

If you’re ready to give back through the Level-Up Scholarship Program, CLICK HERE.

Have any other questions about the Level-Up Program? Want to know if there are other ways you can help?

Be sure to leave a comment below, and let us know!

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