Get your webmaster to work!

Get your webmaster to work!

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Feb 04, 2015 category: Blog comments: 0

Friends who are ninjas

A lot of ResponsiBidders ask us about how to get more traffic to their website. I am not what I would consider an expert on SEO or even website development, but I know enough to be dangerous and I have a lot of friends.

One of those friends is Lars Kristensen who I am excited to say is willing to often share cool insights with me.

Even more important than SEO

The other day I was talking to Lars about how some of my ResponsiBid clients have a difficult time getting their sites to convert customers well and he said that most people don’t even know what to put their webmaster or designer to work doing and was gracious to share with me some great tips that I’d like to share with you in a webinar.

You are invited to signup for the free webinar where Lars shares with us some real-life examples of what you can have your web guy (or yourself if you’re a techie) begin doing right now for your website and how it will make you get more customers.

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