Do you own tools that you don’t use?

Do you own tools that you don’t use?

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Dec 15, 2011 category: Blog comments: 0

How much money have you spent on tools that you never use?

As a window cleaner, I’m a tool freak. I love tools. I just bought the AquaDapter from WCR and I love it. It’s the latest and greatest Waterfed pole tool you can buy. And I’m buying more. My drill uses lithium-ion batteries and it’s amazing.

Amid these super awesome tools, there is a problem believe it or not.

I was on the job site with my guys the other day and noticed that he wasn’t turning the water off with the AquaDapter. Doesn’t he realize what an awesome tool that is? Oh, and my drill? I use it about twice a month.

The problem with most tools, is that if you don’t use them they just sit. Wasted money. It’s almost as if some diabolical marketing genius forced me to buy a product that I refuse to use. Of course we know this isn’t the case, but sometimes it feels that way. I mean, seriously these tools are amazing and I spent a lot of money on them. But for some reason we get set in our ways or we buy something thinking it will use it and then we don’t. I bet you could give me one example right now of a tool you bought thinking it was super cool; and you told yourself that if you bought it, you where going to use it all the time. But you don’t.

So this is exactly one talking about: We buy stuff all the time that we don’t use –or worse, we don’t need.

ResponsiBid is just the opposite, it’s the tool you buy and then forget about. It works all by itself; it doesn’t need any encouragement, motivation, or micromanaging. One reason this tool has been so powerful in my business is that I really took my time in building my website to funnel everyone towards my big page. And then I installed the technology to take care of the customer who’s visiting the site. Once ResponsiBid knows what to do, it just does it. And it does it right every time.

So, what I hope you get from this post is that ResponsiBid will not become one of those tools they just sit on your shelf. It’s not one of those things with a telemarketer or the infomercial or the door-to-door salesperson convinced you in the heat of the moment that you needed only to find out that you’re totally fine without it and never used it.

In fact, I’d venture to say you’ll ask yourself how you ever lived without it! ;-)

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