Commercial Bids Release

Commercial Bids Release

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Aug 09, 2016 category: Blog, Updates comments: 0

Commercial Bidding Update

Today marks a big day for ResponsiBidders! We just released a big update we are anxious to get in place for a fall release for production users.

Allow/Forbid Online Commercial Bids
You can now turn certain modules on to “allow website bids for commercial”. This means that rather than just having the ability to override the bid after the bid is submitted, you can now allow the bids you are comfortable with collecting commercial bid specs online can be made available to your commercial customers. You can leave it on or off for residential too… To turn this on, simply go to: Settings > Services Then edit the module that you’d like to turn this feature on for, and there it is… right in step #1. Boom! Don’t forget to setup any building size pricing in step 3 if necessary for that module!

Allow/Forbid Online Residential Bids
Sort of like above, but the opposite. If you have a module that you’d like for commercial customers to be able to use, but not residential, then you can swap this. Or in cases where it makes sense for customers to be able to get a bid on a service regardless of whether they are commercial or residential… then you can do that now. Maybe for some reason, you don’t want customers to be able to go through the bidding process on your website, but just indicate that they are interested in a bid. Whatever you decide… you have the power now!
Total Power Toolbar in Every Bid
Now you have the power to override a spec bid with straight pricing, normal spec bidding, or close that bid to your customer. You can easily do it from the customer profile, or Call Screen. As a company representative you have all the power right in this tool bar!

Only ask for Basement, Stories, or Building Size if You Care
Have you ever wished that you didn’t ask a prospective bid questions that just don’t matter? Well, now we’ve made it so that if a bid doesn’t require you to know how many stories, building size, or whether there is a basement… you have 3 choices: 1.) Ask (but don’t require it), 2.) Don’t even bother asking, or 3.) Always ask (and always require it). Asking less questions can be really nice.
Add Suffixes to Bids
Do you have an ongoing service that you want to make clear how regularly it is to be paid? Well, now you have the ability to use the new suffix builder. This will allow you to determine the price in step 3 of the module editor and then you can multiply or divide it if you need to… and then add the appropriate suffix to the package price. For example $45/visit, or $125/month, you get the point.
Videos to be Used in Bids
This has been something that has been in beta for a while, but we now fully support you being able to use video within the bidding process to accomplish 2 types of things:

  1.  Explain the overall bidding process from the very beginning to help the customer understand what to expect.
  2. Explain a specific bidding module to help the customer know how to count, measure, or describe the items so that they can fill out that part of the bid as accurately as possible.

You can learn more about that here.

Videos to be Used in Proposals
This option allows you to build a relationship with the customer by using videos within your generated proposals. You can use 2 types:

  1. A video that shows at the top of each proposal allowing you to help the customer to understand why your company is the best choice and why your company is superior to your competition.
  2. A video that shows above or below your packages & prices. This can be used to help customers understand which package is best for them and also what to expect with service. This is the exact same pitch you would want to give as you are standing face-to-face with a customer selling this particular service.

It is powerful, and it allows your customer to share the proposal with their spouse (or other decision makers) and still allow you to you communicate the value of your company.

You can learn more about it here.

Would you like to watch a video about the update?

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