August 2013 Update

August 2013 Update

posted by: Curt Kempton date: Aug 13, 2013 category: Blog, Updates comments: 0

We’ve been in the labs working hard of more neat stuff for ResponsiBid and guess what?  We cooked up something pretty darn cool. But once we get cooking, we can’t just make an entrée… no, we gotta make you some side dishes, sauces, and a little bit of chutney. So here’s what we are serving up starting today:

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Main dish: A full and seamless integration with the good guys at

  • You copy and paste one line of awesomeness and there you have it… a full and beautiful integration with our industry’s best all-in-one marketing platform made just for window cleaners.
  • Have all your leads tracked on both your toolbox and of course inside ResponsiBid where all the automation happens.
  • is the vehicle to web traffic, and ResponsiBid is the engine to turn that traffic into jobs.
  • If you have any questions if you can lock in your area, contact Mark here.

Another main dish? Yeah… it’s how we roll here at ResponsiBid:

Main dish #2: A totally mobile friendly lightbox.

  • It will play nice with your mobile friendly site.
  • It will play nice with your non-mobile friendly site.
  • It likes to play nice!  If you already have the lightbox installed on your website, you don’t have to do anything different to make it work.  It just does!

A little secret sauce: You can now collect the personal info after they have entered their bid data.

  • Simply go into the “form builder” and open up “General Data Collection” and check the box at the bottom
  • This is from Premium accounts since this is for the lightbox only.
  • See how many more people invest themselves in the process and are more willing to give you their info!

A tasty side of awesome: See where people came from.

  • Now when you look at your customer’s bids you can see what page they filled the form out on.
  • Make special pages for your craigslist ads, or any marketing piece or QR code… see who’s rocking it out!
  • It even will tell you about your past bids!  Seriously, go look!

A dessert to die for: The prettiest proposals you ever did see.

  • They are mobile website friendly too (seeing any trends yet?)
  • So simple to read.
  • Beautiful.
  • Collapsable.
  • Oh… and really pretty!

Of course there are quite a few other things, but this should give you a head start in having a ton of fun with the new update.

We’ve got more where that came from but we are not raising our prices at this time and we always keep our users’ prices locked in for the life of the account… so enjoy!

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