ResponsiBid Installation

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Installation checklist

Before we do a ResponsiBid website installation for you there are several things you’ll want to make sure you have completed.

  • Setup ResponsiBid for your pricing, services, and all of the customizations that will make ResponsiBid something you want your customers and prospects to interact with on your website.
  • Do some test bids. Once you have setup ResponsiBid to use your pricing, entered in all of your cities, and polished up the follow-up builder, use the “call screen” or test out the smartform or lightbox to run some real bids through. Since ResponsiBid follows a pattern to build out the proposals, you will normally find that either it is building the proposal the way you like it every single time, or doing it wrong every single time. By testing it out first in your admin area you will have the confidence that ResponsiBid is giving you and your customers what you want.
  • Make sure your staff knows what’s going on. Ideally, your staff is already using mobile devices out in the field, and centralizing the quoting process, so when the office starts seeing bids coming into the office from the website they aren’t shocked… but it would be a good idea if once we put this on your site everybody who needs to know what’s going on… knows what’s going on.
  • Do you know where you want us to put it? Be sure to use the special notes area to tell us any specifics about what part of your website you envision ResponsiBid being installed. Maybe you want the “lightbox” button (premium accounts) in every sidebar and the “smartform” to be on a specific page, just below a certain heading… tell us and we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your desires.
  • Don’t leave ResponsiBid alone. Once we install ResponsiBid onto your website you should start adding it to your business’ voicemail that after leaving a message, callers can go get a quote directly from your website using the same tool that your technicians use. Be sure to use ResponsiBid as heavily as possible so that your bidding system is always using it so that everyone in your company can track bids as they move through the process. You definitely don’t want to run some bids on paper and others through ResponsiBid, because that is when the system breaks down and bids start falling through the cracks!

That’s it. Once you submit this form to us, we will put your website in queue to get ResponsiBid installed. If you haven’t completed everything in the checklist above, be sure to let us know in the notes so that we don’t prematurely do a ResponsiBid installation.

ResponsiBid Install

Let us install ResponsiBid on your website for you!

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This is where you can tell us something about getting into your website that we might need to know. Will we need to call someone? Do you use a website builder that has a special login url w/ a username and password? Do you want us to NOT install ResponsiBid a certain way? If you have special instructions we will listen!

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