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The old way to hire

You’re sitting in an interview room with a candidate who looked great on paper. Their skill-set seemed perfect for the job opening you have. Within two minutes of the interview starting, you realize they aren’t going to be a good fit. Now you have to pretend to be nice to this person for half an hour as they talk about themselves… while on the inside you know there’s absolutely NO WAY you’ll ever hire them. What a gigantic waste of time.

Ray Kroc once said “you’re only as good as the people you hire.”

Ray knows what he’s talking about. What his brilliant line doesn’t address, however, is how incredibly difficult and time-consuming it is to find the right people.

Think about it, for a minute: You have a job opening at your company so you do the logical thing – you post an ad. Maybe you post that ad on a popular site for job seekers. Maybe you put it up on craigslist. You might even get yourself a headhunter to help you. As you click the “publish” button, you’re so excited. You can’t wait for your applicants to fill out that application form, so you can get that perfect new hire, and put them to work. OldHiringProcess

And then the avalanche of responses begins to pour in. You and your team start sifting though all of the applications and resumes to determine who you are going to meet with for an interview. You have to send out a flood of rejection letters. Some people are obviously not going to be a good match.

Then you offer up some interviews to the candidates that look great on paper.

How many do you need to meet with to find the perfect fit? 10? 20?

You know you’ll find a good candidate in the mix, at some point. Or at least, you hope so. The unfortunate reality is that you’re going to have to waste an awful lot of time, in the process. The worst thing is those awful interviews where you instantly know the person isn’t the right fit. You’re too nice to throw them out, so you sit there, and you wonder if those candidates you rejected are any better matches than this one. Surely, some of them must be.

It’s all really inefficient and fluky. The great candidates don’t always rise to the top, and a lot of not-so-great candidates sneak through. Ray Kroc’s quote is nice, but it isn’t helping here.

Fortunately, we have a solution for you.

The Preburner way


Create a campaign

Use the super simple interface to create an online job application that gathers all of the data you could possibly want. You can require “normal” text based answers, but the real power comes from Preburner’s video capabilities. You can create video questions for the applicant to view, and you can require video responses, with a candidate using their webcam to record a response.

Filter responses

The incredible collaborative tools allow you and your team members to quickly assign star ratings to candidates and create chat threads with other team members. Preburner can organize candidates and send automated (but personalized) correspondence to keep your applicants and team members up to date with where each applicant stands.

Interview top contenders

After you and your team have reviewed candidate video and text responses, and you’re confident that the top contenders have emerged, you’ll be able to have productive and awesome interviews with people you might have previously overlooked. And, maybe best of all, you can skip the ones that only look good on paper.

Hire the perfect fit

If knowledge is power, then the more you get to know your candidates, the more likely you are to find the one you love. You’ll rest easier, knowing that every candidate was able to put their best foot forward, your team had their say, and it still took you a fraction of the time that it used to. Ray Kroc would be proud.


Preburner is in free public beta. Enjoy.

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