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Passion. Humor. Authenticity. Growth. These are more than just “buzzwords” for Curt Kempton. Curt is an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. His presentations are based on the same values as his businesses – engagement, humor, and action – and they have made him a popular speaker. Whether it’s a roomful of weary business owners looking to be recharged, or a group of employees needing to be motivated to go to the next level, Curt loves to transfer his passion for winning at life and business to others through a motivational speaker small business can understand.

No Excuses

Curt helps his listeners ditch the blame-game and learn to stop thinking like a victim of circumstances. He’ll show you how to make moves, not excuses.

Systems & People

People are your greatest challenge, and your greatest resource. Curt will help you get creative as you build and implement people-centered systems. Curt teaches on how to develop your business and your people in a systematic way that pushes your uniqueness to the front, as you motivate your employees to reach their full potential. A motivational speaker small business needs!

Find Your Why

Internal motivation is the most powerful. If you want to be successful, you have to find your “why.” Curt shares from his real-life experiences to help his listeners connect their business or their job with their personal sense of purpose. Curt’s goal is to leave his audience motivated to make their business and work an extension of who they are… and ultimately what impact they want to have on the world. Learn how to see your passion and purpose reflected in your daily actions.

Authenticity & Action

Curt’s personality and devotion to his family and friends helps audiences connect with him, so they can understand how to practically apply the things he’s taught. His goal is to leave each listener with a set of actionable items that will make a difference in their own lives.

Humor with Results

Curt’s humorous and practical style allows listeners to lower their guards and honestly look inside themselves. Curt shrugs off corporate stodginess for friendliness and approachability, allowing his listeners to feel a sense of connection and encouragement, that ultimately pays dividends in changed lives and business.

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About Curt

Curt Kempton, Motivational Speaker Small BusinessBack in 2005, after graduating from ASU, Curt started a window cleaning company. It was a far cry from what he expected it to be, but it was the beginning of living the dream. Making money was fun, and he became obsessed with building a business… not a job. Curt used systems and automation to ensure that every customer had an awesome experience. He was frustrated that no software was holding to the high standards of usability and containing his whole system. He began tinkering with code back in 2008, and launched Symphosize, LLC in 2009. ResponsiBid version 1.0 rolled out in February 2011 and Curt’s mission in life has been to help business owners since.

Curt successfully sold his cleaning company in the fall of 2014 to focus 100% on building software and coaching business owners. His ability to communicate with real-world examples and experience as a business owners makes his creative and quirky ideas come to life in a way that his audience can actionably make leaps forward in their own enterprises.

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