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Full Stack PHP Developer Job Opening

Apply to accomplish something great.

We have really big plans to help businesses streamline their workflow. But not just any businesses… businesses that have been forgotten by great software developers.

We believe in bringing world-class tools, systems, and solutions to micro businesses that go out and do good, hard work. The owners of these businesses are exhausted. They are wearing all the hats, and they need someone like us to build finely crafted software tools to give them their life back. So we do it. And we’d like you to help us.

Why are we looking for a Full-Stack PHP developer?

Our company is a startup software builder that impacts the lives of small business owners, and we are growing. Sure, we’re on a shoe string budget. Sure, we’re looking for people with talent that you can’t put a price tag on. (Remember we’re shoe-stringing it!) But we are awesome to work with. And we are making a difference. We aren’t corporate America with a bunch of bloated, backward thinking ideas. We are committed to excellence. We talk as a developer family virtually every day with a focus on being tight knit in a family-like atmosphere.

Want to work as many hours as you do or don’t want to? Cool. We only care about results. Not hours. If you like working in an “Agile” style.. you’ll love us.

Want to work from home? Cool. Be sure to change out of your PJ’s every so often. Or don’t.

Want to have input on what we build? We listen and hash stuff out as a team. If you have a good idea, we don’t have a corporate buzz-kill policeman. So you’ll be heard.

Want to push your limits on what you can do? Good. Because we are too small to hire for every position.

Sound like something you like? Awesome. Apply already!

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