Pricing on your website

Why should I share my pricing on my website? What if my competitors snoop on my website and see what I’m charging?

We’ve gotten that question quite a few times over the last several years, so I wanted to take a few minutes and share some thoughts on that topic.

1. No one can get a quote without giving you their information. Your competitors won’t be able to see your prices, unless they are willing to fill in the form and give you their name, address, phone number and email.

2. If someone gives dummy information, you can “blacklist them.” If you think someone is just messing with you, ResponsiBid has the capability to block that person or IP address from getting anymore quotes.

3. The proposals ResponsiBid generates don’t focus primarily on cost. They sell value. The proposals are really compelling (and totally customizable) so the bid that’s presented is value based (just like you’d give in person), and not cost-centric. So if you have a prospect who is looking to compare prices, the ResponsiBid proposal sells your value, keeping them from comparing you to your competition.

4. The proposals use the same techniques used by some of the worlds foremost authorities on selling. For example, they use: good, better, best pricing— price anchoring— and unique selling propositions to maximize your ability to close more sales and at higher prices. Basically, when you give the customer 3 options, there’s a higher chance they pick one of your options. Win, win, win.

5. Automated follow-up keeps you from becoming a commodity. The automated follow-up emails to your customers ensure that even if you get too busy to call everyone back, you are still looking like a superhero by never forgetting to send an email that you said you would. This keeps your value high, and keeps you from being price shopped as much.

Are you ready to stop being a commodity, and start selling your real value to your customers? Have you ever had a competitor call you and try to get pricing information from you? Once you start to see yourself as offering unique value to your customers, you’ll find that more and more, it doesn’t really matter what “the other guy” charges. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

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May 2014 Update

I’m going to say it: This is the most important update to ResponsiBid to date.
We have been working long and hard to build the most flexible bidding interface possible for the administrator side of ResponsiBid. We finally did it!
How the “Call Screen” works: You can do anything you want when taking an incoming call… all from one screen: 1. Finding a past customer (you will now be able to import all of your customers) and autopoulating a quote. 2. Giving anonymous bids without all of the required fields. 3. Collect all of the info ahead of time for a “visit for bid” person (and follow up specially with them) 4. And of course give a traditional quote (even if it includes or is limited to custom items) right out of the gate.
I made you this video so that you could see how it works.

A few other things to note:
1. Proposals now include the property address.
2. You can now directly access customers into the call screen using an icon on the dashboard.
3. You can now access the customer profile, customer proposal link, and the edit labels screen directly from the internal proposal.
4. New contacts area allows imported customers to exist without existing bids, plus a comprehensive search feature.
5. New followup status for “Visit for Bid” customers.
6. New tabs on the dashboard to view anonymous bids and visit for bids.
7. All pages of bids now available on the dashboard.
8. Allow window cleaning quotes to flag “bid in person” if any storm windows are entered.
9. Notification email refinements.
10. Collect company name for commercial bids.
11. Mass update/delete contacts.
Various bug fixes and improvements.
Keep in mind that this new feature is available only in premium and deluxe accounts.
I can’t wait to hear how this helps your business grow! Happy ResponsiBidding!

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April 2014 Update

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could taylor any of the automated emails you want to match your customer’s situations? Now you can.
How it works: Simply click on any step of a running followup sequence or any sent email in your followup history… Then the magic begins!
I made you this video so that you could see how it works.

Keep in mind that this new feature is available only in premium accounts.
I can’t wait to hear how this helps your business grow! Happy ResponsiBidding!

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March 2014 Update

Our users have been begging to get the sleekness and automation of ResponsiBid into other services, and this month premium ResponsiBid accounts can add in a bid to their proposals for whatever they want.
How it works: Essentially you can now modify any bid by adding in an existing module or you can select the new “custom item” module. This will allow you to add things to the proposal that ResponsiBid can’t give automated bids for. Think of it… you could add maid services, garbage can cleaning, or any other items you’d like to a proposal, including any upsell you’d like.
I made you this video so that you could see how adding items to a proposal can now be done.

This video shows you how to add multiple users to your account.

Keep in mind that these new features are available only in premium accounts.
Here is a formal list of everything included in this update:
1. The new add service button found in the bids on file section of a customer profile (premium users)
2. The new custom service module found when adding a service to a proposal (premium users)
3. Increased time zone robustness (all users)
4. Increased “call out” on proposals to ask prospects to select the package they’d like. (all users– editable by deluxe and premium users)
5. Added the left and center alignment options in the email editor within the followup builder (premium users)
6. You can now add multiple users and sub users (premium users)
7. Various new permissions added for sub users (premium users)
8. Various user interface improvements in the lightbox (premium users)
9. Various stability improvements and functionality refinements (all users)
As you can imagine, we are really excited to roll this out to all users as our March release (we were so excited we couldn’t wait for March to come) and you can find all of these releases in your account right now!Happy ResponsiBidding!

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January 2014 Update

Today we released a few new things in your account and our beta testers have been loving it!

*IMPORTANT– current premium users require immediate attention, see next paragraph*

We made a change to the email editor that cleaned up the way the followup builder was building the emails… HOWEVER, that inadvertently stripped a bunch of formatting out of your current emails (now found in the “open status” email tab). Please take a moment and freshen up your followup builder “open” emails by putting in the breaks (hitting return) where some of them probably disappeared. Some of you might even have all of your paragraphs look like one big mass of text. We’re so sorry for this, but I promise it will make your emails look so much better in the long run and in all email viewers!


1. Followup builder for every status plus 3 custom*: (Premium users) You must customize and turn on the new emails for this to work, but now you can have a custom followup with every potential customer or past customer to either confirm jobs, ask for a recurring job, or salvage a relationship. You can now create a custom status and whenever a customer is moved into that status you can followup with them however you like.

2. The sidebar search feature: (All users) Now you can search for bids really quick right from your sidebar.

3. Better user interface for followup builder and cleaner email builder*: (Premium users) If you are already using the old followup builder, you will need to ensure that the open status emails, which are your old customized emails still look right… you may need to do some formatting. Also, you can now enable whichever followup emails you would like to followup in all situations.

4. Stop/resume followups: (Premium users) Now when you are in a customer’s profile you can stop a followup and either “re-start” it by changing their status in the regular place, or you can “resume” it by clicking a button where the “stop” one used to be!

5. Ability to send from up to 6 emails*: (Premium users) Now you can add up to 6 emails to get in on the followup process within the followup builder.

6. Ability to bcc yourself on followup emails* (Premium users) Now you can select any of up to 6 email addresses to blind carbon copy every time a particular email is sent out.

7. Ability to manually opt in/out customers for emails (All users) When you go into a customer profile, you can click on their email address and see if there is a green (opted-in) or a red (opted-out) envelope. By clicking on the envelope and saving, you can reverse the email status of that email.

8. Carpet cleaning & upholstery module* (All users) If you offer carpet cleaning as a service, go into your company profile and turn this service on. You will love how deeply we went in making the most flexible and straight-forward module we’ve ever made!

9. Tile cleaning module* (All users) Like the carpet cleaning module, you will be amazed at how this works.

10. Clock in sidebar (All users)

11. Tons of new toggle switches for better user experience (All users) notice how much easier it is where we’ve removed almost all checkboxes or radio buttons… it will be much easier to navigate for you and your customers!

12. Ability to set your own time zone* (All users) Go into your administration page and enjoy the ability you now have to set your time zone, and also the increments of the time picker (for when you are scheduling appointments).

13. Ability to add a scheduled time window to scheduled jobs* (All users) now you can tell ResponsiBid the date AND arrival window of a scheduled job… very handy for premium customers who want the followup emails to let the customer know when to expect the crew!

14. Tons of speed improvements (all users) You are going to love how we were able to speed ResponsiBid up even though we added all of these features.

15. +/- buttons on smartform and lightbox only show on mobile devices and are more elegant (All users) We now made it so that the + & – buttons are out of your way when you are on a desktop, but super handy on mobile devices!

16. Included storm windows in the “zero” check for window quotes (All users) Now you can do storm window only jobs if you want.

17. Better color coding and separation in the customer profile (All users)

18. Adjustment stability improvements (Deluxe & Premium users)

19. Ability to have a printer friendly version of customer profiles (All users) If you want to print out a customer profile it will now fit much better on the page and not destroy your ink cartridges.

20. Replying to the notification email will go to the prospect now (if there is an email provided)– (All users) Go ahead… hit reply now!

21. Reporting and booked jobs now reflect any adjustments made after a booking (All users)

22. Commercial bids can now be converted to residential bids (Deluxe & Premium users)

These changes have added a lot of functionality to you application, some of which you wold have to turn on if you want to use it. Anything marked with an (*) requires your attention to either turn it on, or evaluate how you’d like to use it.

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December 2013 Update

Today marks a major release of updates to ResponsiBid users. We have been really busy in the ResponsiBid laboratories! Here is a list of the main changes:

1. The “Smart Form” is now totally responsive for mobile websites. As long as your website is mobile friendly, so is ResponsiBid. (No changes required by users, All users)
2. The Admin area is now totally mobile friendly for tablets. It can be used on a phone too, but it will look like the tablet version. (No changes required by users, All users)
3. You can now track the original page where a bid came from just by looking in the customer’s profile. (No changes required by users, All users)
4. Really slick and simplified way of adjusting prices for jobs without modifying the customer’s specs (No changes required by users, Deluxe & Premium users)
5. Home page graph to see how your company is comparing to the window cleaning national averages. (No changes required by users, All users)
6. No “Save” buttoning the smart customer profile. Everything now auto-saves in the general information area including the notes! (No changes required by users, All users)
7. You can now click the phone or email icons in the customer profile to call or email a prospect (phone works on mobile phones only) (No changes required by users, All users)
8. New “gutter guard pricing” now can be enabled in your gutter cleaning pricing (option is available in rough and exact pricing ares, All users)
9. New “solar panel cleaning module”! Price by the number of panels, Kilowatts or both! (Option to turn on in the company profile– then pricing area, All users)
10. New “blind cleaning module”! You can now offer different kinds of pricing for different kinds of blinds. (Optional changes can be made in the pricing area, All users)
11. Internet Explorer warnings to help potential customers with archaic browsers to understand how to get the best results. (Optional changes can be made in the admin area, All users)
12. Easier search method in the bid archives and reporting areas. (No changes required by users, Deluxe & Premium users)
13. New label editing method for the form and lightbox… way smoother. (Click “Edit Labels” in the test area of the smart form, Deluxe & Premium users)
14. You can now collect the customer’s general information AT THE END of the smart form & lightbox (Optional change in the form builder, general information area, Premium users)
15. New opt-out page is prettier, and incorporates the company logo. (No changes required by users, All users)
16. Proper mobile keypads/keyboards automatically come up in the proper fields. (No changes required by users, All users)
17. Now set any rough window cleaning bid to be a “bid in person” based on house size. (Optional change in rough window cleaning pricing area, All users)

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August 2013 Update

We’ve been in the labs working hard of more neat stuff for ResponsiBid and guess what?  We cooked up something pretty darn cool. But once we get cooking, we can’t just make an entrée… no, we gotta make you some side dishes, sauces, and a little bit of chutney. So here’s what we are serving up starting today:If you are looking for the special promotion related to this update, click here. It is valid through 8/17/13.Main dish: A full and seamless integration with the good guys at WindowCleaning.comYou copy and paste one line of awesomeness and there you have it… a full and beautiful integration with our industry’s best all-in-one marketing platform made just for window cleaners.Have all your leads tracked on both your toolbox and of course inside ResponsiBid where all the automation is the vehicle to web traffic, and ResponsiBid is the engine to turn that traffic into jobs.If you have any questions if you can lock in your area, contact Mark here.Another main dish? Yeah… it’s how we roll here at ResponsiBid:Main dish #2: A totally mobile friendly lightbox.It will play nice with your mobile friendly site.It will play nice with your non-mobile friendly site.It likes to play nice!  If you already have the lightbox installed on your website, you don’t have to do anything different to make it work.  It just does!A little secret sauce: You can now collect the personal info after they have entered their bid data.Simply go into the “form builder” and open up “General Data Collection” and check the box at the bottomThis is from Premium accounts since this is for the lightbox only.See how many more people invest themselves in the process and are more willing to give you their info!A tasty side of awesome: See where people came from.Now when you look at your customer’s bids you can see what page they filled the form out on.Make special pages for your craigslist ads, or any marketing piece or QR code… see who’s rocking it out!It even will tell you about your past bids!  Seriously, go look!A dessert to die for: The prettiest proposals you ever did see.They are mobile website friendly too (seeing any trends yet?)So simple to read.Beautiful.Collapsable.Oh… and really pretty!Of course there are quite a few other things, but this should give you a head start in having a ton of fun with the new update.We’ve got more where that came from but we are not raising our prices at this time and we always keep our users’ prices locked in for the life of the account… so enjoy!

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July 2013 Update

ResponsiBid just released it’s newest update last night.
Here’s what’s in it:

Price Adjustments: You can now adjust the price up or down for extra factors or discounts without messing with the customer’s specifications. You can do it by percentage or dollar amount, and you can decide if you want to only apply it to the first job, or if you want to keep it as part of the job for future jobs.
4 New window styles: Enjoy the new separated slider style, hinged french door, garage door, and garden window style!
Price override notifications: Now you will visibly see when you are logged in if the price the customer was given was an override because of their house size, or the city they live in right at a glance.
No “0” window bids: No longer can an exact window cleaning bid be submitted with no windows.
Simplified customer profile: We cleaned up the stuff in there as a precursor to some interface changes we are working on.
New Connections: We introduce a connection to the Infusionsoft & All-Clients CRMs
New Blacklist Icons: Enjoy smaller (and user friendlier!) blacklist icons.
Other stability improvements and bug-fixes (Bid-in person is smoother, and an upgraded framework)

This release will allow you to use ResponsiBid out in the field and over the phone much easier since you can now fine tune the prices to the exact dollar amounts you want, and we have now opened the door for features that will allow promotions to run!

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ResponsiBid and Customer Factor, Sitting in a Tree…

We had another release at ResponsiBid last night!There are several things that were released in this package, but the most notable was the new “Connections” area for premium users.We have been working really hard with a popular customer relationship manager (CRM) called The Customer Factor to bring a new way to save our customers time and energy.   Once you setup the connection (which takes about 4.3 seconds depending on how long your username is), ResponsiBid will automatically send your prospect’s data over to The Customer Factor waiting for you to book the job.Of course there were some other minor bugfixes and some other refinements, but I know many have been just waiting for something like this. 

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We Added More Stuff… Again

The last few months have been a wild ride.  We have been pumping up the ResponsiBid software really hard to get out a ton of new features.  And even though we would have loved to have beat the new year, we are pretty happy about where we are at now.  I know there are going to be lots more things coming down the pipeline, but I thought I’d take a minute to help spell out the releases in the recent past.Last night:The new “Black List” module:  You can “Hard Blacklist” lots of different criteria including IP addresses so that when they complete the bid, the person filling it out will get an error message to keep it from submitting completely.  OR you can “Soft Blacklist” a person so that they will get a message saying to correct the data that they put in. For example: If someone said their last name is “Doe” you could set it to ask them to try again before finishing that section (if it is “Soft Blacklisted”) or you could allow them to submit their bid, but give them a total error (if it is “Hard Blacklisted”).A shiny new red “delete bid” button.Minor bug fixes.1/11/2013:The new “Lightbox” install option.  You can install ResponsiBid in 2 ways now: The form style, or the new “lightbox” style that pops off the page and moves as more of a walk-through approach.  You can install the numerous ways, 1. Simply with our default button. 2. A 2 step process attached to your own image 3. or as a hyperlink.Internet Explorer fixes… Dang browser.You can now click directly from the notification email into the customer’s profile.Massive server overhaul and upgrades for quicker bidding and to handle all of the new traffic.Minor bug fixes.12/5/2012:You can now compare your company to the national averages in SO many ways.Minor bug fixes.11/30/2012:You can now edit a profile.  When you save the changes, it will re-calculate the bid and re-price the affected services (including house size!) so that your customer’s numbers are always up to date.Any followup emails that you have automatically sent from the followup builder that include a link to their bid will link only to the new bid– although you will still have access to the original bid AND original information from that original bid.Minor bug fixes.11/12/2012:Reporting module complete.  You can now track your advertising and see insanely clear insight which advertisers are tearing it up for you, and which ones aren’t.You can now edit HTML inside your fly-outs.Storm window disclaimer message/label improved.Internet Explorer hacks.Minor bug fixes.11/7/2012 (initial V2.0 PUBLIC RELEASE):Follow-up builder fully tested and complete.  You can now automate the followup process with people who get a bid, and it will automatically stop the followup once the person books a job, or declines the bid.Minor bug fixes.11/1/2012 (For Beta Testers):Lots of bug fixes with java scripts, and tuning of features.  Commercial bid tuning10/6/2012 Beta Version Goes Live (2.0):Over 500 new improvements over the old versionStreamline user interfaceAll new picture imagesLife gets awesome for ResponsiBidders!

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