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In a nutshell: It’s like hiring the most responsible office assistant you can imagine for a fraction of what an office assistant costs. And it does the job that way you want it to. Every time.

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Video Reviews From PWRA/WCRA Convention (Nashville, TN)

August 9, 2014

We had a few of our customers stop by our booth and give us a piece of their mind about the ResponsiBid. We decided to let them get it off their chest, and as you’ll see in the video… they really didn’t hold back.

Video Reviews From IWCA Convention (St. Pete Beach, FL)

February 13, 2013

It was really fun to bump into 3 original ResponsiBidders at the IWCA tradeshow and convention this year. Apparently they are still rocking it after all this time! Caution: Enthusiasim is contagious.

Video Reviews From NOLA Networking Event (New Orleans, LA)

March 3, 2013

We caught up with a bunch of customers at the NOLA networking event and found out what it was about ResponsiBid that gave them warm fuzzies. The cool thing was that everybody seemed to like something different!

It is the equivalent of having a secretary working for you 24/7.


When I started my business I was all by myself, and I was afraid that if I missed a call I would lose a prospective customer.  I had read about lots of people using ResponsiBid, but I wasn’t sure it was cost effective.  At the beginning of this year I decided to give it a try.  My very first customer that used it through my website got an instant quote, chose which package that they wanted, and informed me that they were ready to schedule… all without me answering the phone.  Honestly ResponsiBid is priceless.  I couldn’t imagine trying to operate my business without it.  It is the equivalent of having a secretary working for you 24/7.

Tim Wagner
Wagner Window Service

It automates & streamlines our business.


ResponsiBid is automating & streamlining our business; making us more responsive to our customers. We also feel it’s presenting our company more professionally based on appearance and how uniformly bids are generated and booked with little to no effort on our part. Since moving over to ResponsiBid, we were able to streamline our pricing and become far more efficient in our bidding. We do 90% less onsite bids, saving us time and money!

Kristina Krich
Tradewind Window Cleaning

ResponsiBid handled it all.


This is a sophisticated window cleaning software that NO window cleaning company can afford NOT to have! I installed it on Monday night and 2 days we have booked 4 jobs from it so far, totaling $1021. I find this pretty amazing, #1 because we we didn’t have to look at the job, and #2 we didn’t really have to deal with the client other than helping them pick out a date. ResponsiBid handled it all.

Chris Lambrinides
All County Window Cleaning

I am so happy with ResponsiBid.


I am so happy with ResponsiBid.  People have contacted me from my website that I know would not have done it any other way.  I really like that it collects the person’s information as it give the lead so that I can get high quality leads.  I’m not talking about $200 house washes.  I’m talking about $400 house washes and $1,200 roof cleaning jobs.  It’s well worth getting setup and on the website.  I can’t say enough good things about it!

Micah Kommers

It paid for the entire year in one day.


It paid for the entire year in one day! We love ResponsiBid because it’s different and not many of my local competition have anything like it; and it works hard even when I’m not. It was surprising that potential customers fill out the form, get a quote and request a cleaning without even calling us first. It even allows us to provide a quote to someone who probably prefers doing things on the Internet without calling a salesman for a quote. Yet I could use it to give quotes in the field with the same exact tool.

Phil Rogers
Extreme Cleaning Solutions



Collect everything you want

Over the phone: You can collect as much or as little information as you want to get through the job quoting process. This ensures that your administrators have complete power to give awesome bids, but on their own terms.

On your website: You can set any fields you want to collect as required information so that you are only exchanging pricing information with people who give you their particulars. You’ll even have the option of blocking certain people from getting a bid again.

Systematize your bidding

Employees and customers alike will be led through an elegant bidding process that asks for the necessary information in order to run the calculations necessary to provide a systematic pricing structure customized by your business.

You’ll never have to worry that employees will mess up the math, or forget about a trip charge, area minimum, or any detail that you want to charge for.

By using a standardized way of bidding, your employees and prospects will not understand or need to understand how the pricing works, they will only need to be concerned with how to collect the information necessary for the system to figure it out and then neatly package it.



Super helpful simplicity

Our incredibly helpful graphics make it easy for your customers or employees to understand exactly what they are supposed to do. Since we make it all totally customizable (deluxe & premium accounts), you can adapt the wording of the titles and descriptions for your specific area and how your customers will interact with it. Don’t worry, your account comes loaded with all of the defaults and you simply turn off or change the items that you need to in order for you to use your own pricing strategy and lingo.

Proposals that sell

Our strategically built proposals have a way of closing jobs. Of course it’s helpful that it builds the quote instantly, and of course it helps that the proposal puts the value on the total solutions offered instead of a qty/unit price.

Of course it helps.

But the real magic of the proposals that ResponsiBid is that the price is presented in a way that makes total sense to the customer in the context of their problem they are trying to solve. It uses price anchoring to avoid the problem of unrealistic price expectations. It helps the customer to see the value of the solution provided, which will really cut down on hagglers who LOVE line item pricing.

The proposal offers up to 3 service levels which helps the customer feel that they have a good handle on pricing, making it less important for them to call competitors to determine if your price is reasonable… which often times results in a lost sale.

Your proposals will close more sales. In fact, our ResponsiBid users tend to see a close rate over 80% and at higher prices than before using these upselling proposals.



Know it all

You will learn things about your business that you never knew before. Imagine knowing the close rate of your bids. Imagine being able to compare all of your advertising efforts based on close rate, total revenue, and even the average ticket price of each invoice.

You’ll be able to see deeper into your sales structure than you ever thought possible and you’ll have to do absolutely nothing more than run your bids through ResponsiBid to learn this stuff. We’ve designed the system in a way to ensure that you get maximum information and automation with minimal input.

Follow-up that never forgets

Setup your own custom sequence of emails to keep your customers in the loop, and always in the path of your sales funnel. By customizing the approach of how your customers are interacted with you can be assured that not only will you have the flexibility of making sure every interaction is just how you’d want it, but you’ll also have the rigidity of never having a bad or forgetful day!

You’ll see to the right a real-time ticker showing off the close rate and average ticket price of our customers this month. This is the proof of how systematization never forgets to close a job the right way. Every time.


“6 Ways”

How you’re gonna make your money back.

Day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

1. Fuel Savings.

Save huge fuel expenses by no longer having to drive all over town qualifying bids. Use a desktop or mobile device! We have built this program to make back your entire investment in feel savings alone.

2. Time Savings.

Finally do the things you really enjoy, or that create income, rather than spending all your time staring at a windshield.We have built this program to make back your entire investment in time savings alone.

3. Perfect Follow-Up.

Never again will a golden new customer opportunity fall through the cracks. Automated followup rocks!We have built this program to make back your entire investment in new or repeat business because of perfect follow-up alone.

4. Better Advertising Decisions.

You’ll finally know your close rate. You’ll even automatically know which marketing strategies are delivering. We have built this program to make back your entire investment in better advertising decisions alone.

5. Perfect Quote Presentation.

Your proposals will always do the math exactly right, with psychologically perfect presentations and friendly upsells. We have built this program to make back your entire investment in new proposal effectiveness alone.

6. A Website That Sells.

Your website will now be a super smarty pants, by delivering exactly what today’s customers demand: “Instant Satisfaction”. We have built this program to make back your entire investment in making sales directly from your website alone.

Our guarantee to you:

We aren’t interested in taking your money if the product isn’t working. If you are properly using ResponsiBid Premium in this way:

1. Channeling through all of your in-person bids for all services.
2. Prominently displaying ResponsiBid on your website so visitors can be easily funneled through the process of getting a bid.
3. Properly closing out bids after the customer has made a decision.
4. Effectively using the follow-up builder for at least 3 automatic followup emails in at least 3 different statuses, and properly customizing them for your company.

Then we will credit you on a month-by-month basis until you are at least recuperating a 2 to 1 ROI.


Will my price go up?

Only if you wait to sign up.

We hate price increases… and we guess you do too. We have always done everything we can to reward the early adopters who joined us when we were much, much smaller. As our software grows and becomes more powerful it will inevitably become more expensive. Our answer to that, is to treat our new users more as investors towards the big picture than anything else. As an investor in helping us to change the world, we guarantee to lock your price into the current price, and even though our prices will increase over time; once you sign up, they will never increase for you. Just another way we want to say “Thank you!”

Is my data secure?

Yes. And here’s why.

We take great pride in hosting on awesome servers provided by Amazon.com because they have the ultimate in server performance and security. and Amazon keep redundant backups of all data over multiple locations to prevent the remote possibility of data loss. We encrypt the data on ResponsiBid using the AES-256 standard, which is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data. Encryption for storage is applied after files are uploaded, and we manage the encryption keys. ResponsiBid uses Amazon S3 for data storage. Amazon stores data over several large-scale data centers. According to Amazon, they use military grade perimeter control berms, video surveillance, and professional security staff to keep their data centers physically secure. You can find more information about Amazon’s security at the Amazon Web Services’ website. While we’re very confident in our technology, we recognize that no system can guarantee data security with 100% certainty. For that reason, we will continue to innovate to make sure that our security measures are state of the art, and we will investigate any and all reported security issues concerning ResponsiBid’s services or software. For a direct line to our security experts, report security issues to [email protected]

Can I install this on ALL of my websites?


You can install ResponsiBid anywhere on the web that you are allowed to use HTML and Javascript. We do not limit your installations.

Where do I get support?

From us and our awesome community.

Facebook Community

e have an awesome community within ResponsiBid. You can get to know them in our Facebook group once you join ResponsiBid’s family. We will invite you and allow you to join, where we share top-secret developments, and members give awesome tips and tricks how they are using the automation of the system to have meaningful, yet effortless, interactions with their customers and prospects.

Ask & answer questions in real time.

You can access our “Answers Site” right from within your own app to ask any question you have about your app. Or you can visit ResponsiBid.com/answers any old time you have a question. We monitor this site very closely and if another member doesn’t beat us to the punch, we strive to have your question answered within 1 business day!

Tons of videos and walk-throughs.

We supply you with a ton of videos inside your app in virtually every area where you can see us guide you through the motions of how to use virtually every area of the app. We also have a comprehensive “Walk Through” feature at the bottom of every page where you can be taken click by click on how to best setup your application.

What can I customize to my company?

Pretty much anything.

Depending on the package level you go with, you can customize all of this stuff: Service offerings Pricing style Your prices Service bundles What you call the pictures Descriptions for data collection Disclaimers Your logo & a company picture Cities you service Everything about your automatic email follow-ups And tons more! You will be able to convey everything you need to convey to your customer that they aren’t just getting some generic quote, but a well-thought-out, no-holds-barred, awesome quote. You can customize your disclaimers, and everything about the automatic emails that go out to your customers. You can customize when the emails sends, who it is coming from, and everything inside the email. The world is your oyster with ResponsiBid.

What if I need you guys to do stuff for me?

Questions & Answers

Get your tech support via our Q&A site where questions are typically answered within 1 business day. Or browse other questions and suggestions from other ResponsiBidders

Website Installation

If you don’t have a web master and would like to have one of our super geeks install ResponsiBid onto your website, we are up for the challenge.

Building Blocks

Buy our developers’ and coaches’ time by the hour. We can hold your hand through the setup process. Typically 2-4 building blocks is enough to setup your whole account and customization.

How do I get it all setup?

Set aside an hour a day for 2-3 days.

We don’t recommend setting it all up at once. We do recommend that you follow the tutorials that we have provided for you, so you will understand how everything works together. The system can customize to your company’s individual needs, so even though we provide you with all of the necessary starter text and prices, you will still need to adjust the wording and prices to your company. Since you are the one most familiar with your prices, you will simply input your prices and descriptions into our system and your voice will resonate. Some people get frustrated when they have to setup their app, but believe us when we say, this is very rewarding. If you take the time to build it initially, the dividends are huge. Automation takes some time to get setup, but once you really make it work and feel authentic, you pretty much never have to touch it again because it works perfectly every time.

So take your time to look through all the builders and follow the tutorials we provide you so that you have the most awesome system ever!

Why does this work so well?

There are 3 main reasons:

 Your prices are based on package solutions, not line-items to be negotiated. Your customers’ eyes will be drawn to what you propose is a solution not on the line items they are going to be charged for.

 You are bidding against yourself. By offering up to 3 proposed solutions, you are helping your customer to put things into context and they are less likely to need to ask your competitors for a price to do the same thing.

 Your company will be on the same page. When you can define service levels for your service in just a word or 2, it leaves less room for misunderstanding for employees in the field, in the office, or customers over time.

If I pay for this, how am I going to make money back?

There are at least 6 ways

 Fuel savings. Save on fuel expenses, by no longer having to drive all over town qualifying bids. Use a desktop or mobile device!

 Time savings. Finally do the things you really enjoy, or that create income, rather than spending all your time staring at a windshield.

 Perfect follow up. Never again will a golden new customer opportunity fall through the cracks. Automated follow up rocks!

 Better advertising decisions. You’ll finally know what your close rate is. You’ll even automatically know what marketing strategies are delivering.

 Perfect presentation. Your proposals will always do the math exactly right, with psychologically perfect presentations and friendly up sells.

 A website that sells. Your website will now be a super smarty pants, by delivering exactly what today’s customers demand: “Instant Satisfaction”

If the premium version of ResponsiBid doesn’t pay for itself at least one time over using these methods, you don’t pay. That is our guarantee! (full details)

Do I have to have a website for this?

You don’t have to, but it’s cool.

ResponsiBid is designed to systematize and centralize your bids. If you DO have a website you’ll love that this awesome software makes it so easy to give a bid that even your customers or prospects can do it. That is why we made it so that you can allow your customers to take part in the process by installing our customizable “Smart Form” or “Lightbox” onto your website that they can interact with on their own schedule and with no pressure. It’s a neat feature that will help your company to adapt to the new world we live in where people expect an “amazon.com” type experience.

Isn’t this just a website tool?

Not anymore.

The system we use to present the proposal to the customer has always been the most effective way to close jobs, but recently we made improvements to that the software would make it easy for your employees to give bids in the field, or over the phone. And because of our tracking feature you will automatically keep all of your employees in sync, while letting you know things like how your close rate is doing, and how you compare to the national averages.


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