Extra Services

Extra Services

Do you need some extra help or other services? We’ve got you covered.

1-on-1 Pro ResponsiBid Training


Want to know some best practices?

Want to learn how to make your whole system work absolutely seamlessly?

Want someone to hold your hand through your whole setup process?

Get 5 hours of 1-on-1 pro training and have one of our experts share your computer screen to walk you through the entire process.

A Simple Button Image


If you are using the lightbox installation of ResponsiBid on your website you will have the option to use any image you like to represent the button your customers will click to fill out the bid light box. Don’t forget we offer this page of free buttons, but if you want us to build a custom button for you, go ahead and purchase a custom button build. We will give you the image to use however you like.

Have Us Install ResponsiBid Onto Your Website

$30 wordpress / $100 Other

Would you like for us to get into your website to install ResponsiBid for your customers to use?

We always recommend that you have your own webmaster install ResponsiBid as they are most familiar with your codebase, you already trust them with your website, and it will only take them about 5 minutes.

We will have to gain access to your website (username, password, etc.), learn how it all works, and we can’t be held responsible for any damage we do as we learn how your website is constructed.

But… in the event that you don’t have access to your webmaster… we will do it!


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