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5 Ways to Increase Bids, Leads & Sales without Lowering Prices

A few days back, a customer sent me the following message:

Our close rate is dismal compared to the ResponsiBid national average. Do you think our prices are too high? What is the main knob to increase that number so we bag more jobs?

Now, my response to this client is involved, and I’ll get into it. But first, I need to give you some background.

I spend a lot of time working with customers to refine their bidding process and increase bids (because that’s what we do at ResponsiBid – we handle proposals, close rates, sale psychology and more. It’s just our way of life).

But this question belies a very interesting thought. It implies that there’s some control or knob that you just turn to make people choose your proposal. It’s a commonly held misconception, especially among early business owners.

But this misconception needs to be cleared up, because it leaves out the 5 most obvious and important things that you can do to add value to your company’s uniqueness, thus allowing you to keep your prices where they need to be.

5 Ways to Increase Bids, Leads, & Sales – without lowering prices

So in my response to my customer, I gave him 5 ways to increase his bids, leads, and sales – all without lowering his prices. In fact, it could actually allow him to raise them, as he’s adding extra value to his packages.

I also recommended that this client start talking to the people who don’t hire him. This can seem like a hard or daunting task if you aren’t doing it already, but ultimately it’s people who don’t hire you who can give you the best insights into how you can better position your business. And it’s by talking to these people who choose your competitors, that you’ll be able to take these 5 ways, and really make positive changes to your business’s presentation.

So let’s dive into those five things, shall we?

1. Package Presentation

When people look at your packages, are they stuck on the price or are they able to recognize the value they’ll be getting from you? After all, maybe you’re offering something above and beyond what your competitors do – and that’s why there’s a price difference. You need to make sure that potential clients are able to recognize your increased value and service levels.

Tip: A great place to bring these up is in your follow-up emails, because it’s reminding people of all the extra value they could be seeing.

2. Define Your “Unique Selling Proposition”

Why is your business special? And why do potential clients care? Within that vein is something known as your “Unique Selling Proposition”, or USP. If a customer can’t see your USP, they’re going to keep shopping. But if there is something that only your company offers, and your audience can immediately see and recognize that, well, they’re going to stop shopping. And they’re going to hire you.

Take away: Make sure your Unique Selling Proposition is readily, easily, and completely identifiable.

3. Make a Personal Connection

Are you using walls of text? Or are you using short but sweet videos to give your company a relatable, recognizable face? Videos are an under-used key to instantly building a “personal, emotional connection” that can be very powerful. It’s that connection that will help your business reach through all of the competition – and let your business be the one welcomed into each client’s home.

Tip: In your video, show some humor, some of your endearing personal quirkiness, and serious professionalism. Mix generously with your USP to win more jobs.

4. Be Prepared to Strike While the Iron is Hot

When a bid comes in, there’s two things that need to happen.

First and most importantly, there’s the human response. Your client needs to be called or reached out to. Plus, when you call someone, you’re catching them while things are fresh. You can guide them through the buying process. Your potential client is going to feel invested in the proposal, well cared for, and now obligated to buy from you. In other words, you need to strike while the iron is hot.

Secondly, you need to have an automated safety net in place for those instances where an immediate contact isn’t possible. Maybe you’re working another job or on the other line with another bid. And in those cases, ResponsiBid’s automation system is your perfect safety net.

Tip: Using personal interaction with an automated backup system is the key to catching those jobs that used to fall through the cracks.

5. Use Options to Drive More Business

Finally, make sure that you’ve got several options pre-mapped out for your potential clients. By offering several levels of packages (like “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” packages), you’re going to be able to offer consistent, reliable quotes. And that way, you’ll be able to land more jobs, because the value becomes more readily visible.

Tip: Turn those negatives into positives: by offering packages, you’ll be able to avoid ultimatum pricing, which generally backfires as those potential clients call your competitors for a second opinion.

You’ll also be able to quit asking, “So… will that work for you?” (because they always answer, “Well, let me think about it.”) and start asking, “Which package is the one is right for you – good, better, or best?”

By using these 5 actionable steps, you’re going to give your clients more ways to do business with you. You’re going to increase bids, land more jobs, make more sales, get ahead of the competition, and rock your industry.

Ready to ResponsiBid your way to more jobs? With our 2-to-1 ROI guarantee, signing up for our FREE trial almost isn’t fair – to us.

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3 Things you need to do to Set Up ResponsiBid & See Success

Would you like to know the one key difference between businesses who land awesomely ridiculous amounts of jobs on ResponsiBid – and those that see an average amount of success? The difference is this: it’s all in how you set up ResponsiBid.

And the most important part of setting up your ResponsiBid account is in the first 3 steps:

  1. Defining and setting up ResponsiBid Packages
  2. Determing Standardized Pricing Points
  3. Setting up the Automated Follow-Up Process

As much as we’d love to cover each step in every detail right here, the simple fact is that it would take hours of video to cover a complete setup sufficiently. That’s why we strongly recommend you work with our certified ResponsiBid account trainers and coaches. Their expertise will save you hours of effort – and get you up and running in next to no time.

Even with an account trainer in your corner, though, let’s make sure we’ve got the basics covered.

#1 Most Important Task: Define and Set up ResponsiBid Packages

The very first thing you need to do is define and set up ResponsiBid packages.

If you’re using different systems (or offering different packages) on different websites, people are going to get confused. And, when it’s your employees who are confused, that reflects poorly on your company. So make sure that whatever packages you’re going to offer, they’re consistent across the board.

Taking the time to create the systemized packages – and then training your team on what each option includes – means it’s easier for your potential clients. In other words, it’ll be easier for you to ResponsiBid your way to more jobs.

Pro tip #1: Offer 3 packages. That way, everyone’s on the same page. Your team, your clients, and anyone who’s thinking about hiring you will know exactly what’s on the table.

As you’re deciding which packages you want to offer, here’s a few more pro pointers to keep in mind.

  1. Everything in the ResponsiBid system is customizable. So make it fit your company!
  2. You can have up to 5 packages, but we recommend having 3.
  3. People scan. So keep package names and descriptions short and simple.
  4. Use line items to differentiate and upsell your packages by focusing on benefits.
  5. Order your line items so that it’s easy to read (or scan).
  6. Don’t use jargon or focus on fancy features. Keep it simple.

Ready for one more Pro tip for your packages?

Pro tip #2: Having 3 packages makes it easier for customers to decide what services they need. A “most popular” package should be the one you’re trying to sell. A lower-tiered package with fewer services can be made to compete with competitors running sales. And your last package should be the upsell. Doing this will land you more sales – and more upsells.

Now that your packages are ready, it’s time to determine and set your pricing.

Task #2: Determine (and Standardize) Your Pricing

Making sure that your pricing is set, stable, and standardized is just as important as it is for your packages. Why?

Because a standardized approach means you can give automated quotes immediately.

Those automated quotes mean landing you more jobs – without extra effort or even having to be there.

In your ResponsiBid account, there’s two ways to set your pricing.

    • The first is by choosing an hourly rate for each package. Then, you assign a predetermined amount of time to each service in the package. And then ResponsiBid will take input from your client, calculate using your numbers, and give an accurate bid every time.
    • The second way to set your pricing is by assigning every service in your package a dollar amount. Then, ResponsiBid will use those numbers in combination with a client’s data to calculate your accurate, immediate quotes.

Within either of those pricing methods, there’s room for customization, discounts, and setting specific parameters to trigger an in-person bid.

Then, once you’ve got all of that set up to your liking, be sure to run a test bid of your automated pricing system. You’ll be able to see, in real time, how the system calculates your bids. You’ll be able to make any adjustments that may be needed so that the system gets your bids right every single time.

Pro Tip #3: Testing is an important step! Because if the wrong numbers or settings are used, the system will give the wrong bid – every time. But with testing, you can guarantee that the numbers are all right – and so are all of your bids.

Once that’s all done, it’s time to set up your automated follow-ups. That way, you’re following up – and landing – those jobs that used to fall through the cracks.

3rd Task: Set and Enable your Automated Follow-Up

Once you’re giving out great bids, you want to make sure you’re setting up a great follow-up, too. And you can do this via the ResponsiBid follow-up builder.

As soon as a potential client gets a bid, they’re in your follow-up system. They’ll be assigned a single status, depending on which part of the buying cycle they’re in. Each status can be fully customized to your liking, branding, and personal preference. And there’s even room for adding additional status options, so that your follow-up can be exactly like you need it to be.

Within the follow-up system, you’ll be able to use email, text messages, and even voice mail to keep in touch with your clients. Your automated follow-up system will allow you to:

      • close jobs with people who got distracted and forgot to book the job;
      • get valuable feedback from those who opted to go with your competitors;
      • snag lucrative jobs that used to get lost in the cracks.

Pro Tip #4: The better, more thorough, and more natural your follow-ups are, the less business will fall between the cracks.

Now, as far as writing the emails in your follow-up sequence… if you’ve already got an email sequence, just copy and paste that into the ResponsiBid follow-up status that makes the most sense. If not, be sure to check out the default status and emails for inspiration. Then, write your follow-up. And here’s another Pro tip on how to do that…

Pro Tip #5: Write and schedule your follow-up as if you were dealing with your most lucrative client. That way, everyone gets the same, awesome A+ treatment – and your company’s reputation for professionalism, courtesy, and follow-through only grows.

Still here? That’s impressive, because this was a lot of valuable information! But your investment will pay off when those jobs start coming in on their own.

Because now you’ve got a solid foundation in the 3 most important parts of setting up your ResponsiBid account: getting your packages set up right; setting your pricing; and implementing your automated follow-up system.

Which means that, with an account coach, you’re going to breeze right through these parts of your account set up. And that means you’re **this much closer** to ResponiBidding lots more jobs.

Ready to ResponsiBid your way to more jobs? With our 2-to-1 ROI guarantee, signing up for our FREE trial almost isn’t fair – to us.

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Please Help! I need your questions!

I will be doing a webinar wth Lisa Macqueen and I could really use your help coming up with questions. I made a video about it. Could you submit your questions in the comments section down below? After you leave a comment with any questions you’d like to ask down below, you can register for the […]

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Webinar With Lisa Macqueen 1/31/17 1pm pacific, 4pm eastern time

If you follow her, you know what an amazing opportunity this is, but if you don’t… then you should find out. Lisa is a best-selling author, Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer and Small Business ICON Award Winner, Winner of “Innovation Through People”, and Cleaning Company of the Year Award Winner, Lisa Macqueen knows how to use smart marketing strategies, systems and automation to grow a business.

Lisa took an ‘average’ office cleaning company and turned it into a multi-million dollar international empire in a litle over 2 years and is now in hot demand as a speaker, consultant and mentor

Lisa was recently named as one of “America’s Premier Experts” and appeared on the Brian Tracy Show on CBS and NBC & FOX Affiliates in the US, and also co- authored a book with Brian Tracy, Power Principles for Success which reached best-seller status in two categories.

Lisa’s unique approach to business and her dogged determination to the ideal that no business owner or entrepreneur wants their company to be just ‘average’ they often just don’t know how to be amazing.

Her business, Cleaning Marketer, coaches and mentors cleaning business owners on, not only how to be amazing, but how to stand out and play in a field of 1 and succeed in the area they often struggle with the most, their sales, marketing, and having a cleaning business with systems that S.Y.S.T.E.M (save you some time, energy and money)…

Lisa lives with her husband Hamish and 3 teenage daughters in Sydney, Australia and you can contact her on Facebook at Cleaning Marketer, Twitter @cleaningmktr or at .

Please be our guest and register for our interactive webinar with Lisa Macqueen on Tuesday Jan 31st at 1pm pacific (4pm eastern). availability is limited so you must register.

Registration is Full

We will try to record it and share that with everyone. Thanks for all the excitement!


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Video Contest Announcement

Have you been using the new video feature in ResponsiBid? Have you been waiting to see some ideas of others? We’d like to invite you to take part in a fun contest where you can show off your cool ResponsiBid videos to help inspire others who haven’t gotten started with it yet. So here’s how […]

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Commercial Bids Release

Commercial Bidding Update Today marks a big day for ResponsiBidders! We just released a big update we are anxious to get in place for a fall release for production users. Would you like to watch a video about the update?

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New module styles released (legacy migration complete!)

Hi ResponsiBidders This weekend we are starting the process of converting all of your modules and past bids to our new exciting format! As of tomorrow you will always edit your pricing, proposal packages, and disclaimers inside of: Settings > Services Notice that you have more options to help you be even more flexible with […]

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We’re so sorry!

Have you ever had a month that felt like every day was Monday?

What happened:

We were excited as we were preparing to roll out a new upgrade to your ResponsiBid. Beta testers have been using the new bidding system and they’ve been loving it. Before we launched the new upgrade we thought, “Hey! We should use a new server configuration that will make our system bullet proof!” About a month ago, we had researched and tested out a new “server cluster” system that would make everything on ResponsiBid run faster, smoother, and safe from any downtime.

In theory.

As some of you may have noticed, we had more downtime in the last month than we have had in the entire history of ResponsiBid. When we first did our testing on our test servers we were so tickled! Everything ran fast, smooth, and if a server was to go down (we even tested breaking servers on purpose) the whole system went on without skipping a beat! It was so neat to watch as it fixed itself and just kept on humming along. It was an upgrade that we were excited to bring to our users, but we thought it was almost sad that no one would even notice the elegance of the infrastructure. It was destined to be a crown jewel that lived beneath the surface.

Until we realized that it was more of a dragon than a crown jewel.

We noticed after about a week that one server had gone down and not healed. We had to manually heal it, and thought “that was weird”. And then the oddities just kept on going.

So we did what all good development teams do: We called the founders of the technology we were using and asked them to consult with us on the system. They told us that it all looked pretty good, but gave us a few tips (that contradicted what their documentation told us to do) and we thought how lucky we were to get the “inside scoop”.

I don’t think I can even bring myself to talk about the trouble it was to keep it going. It was trial after trial. Of course all of our users were experiencing their spring rush amid this server trouble, but we felt that we were on the cusp. It just had to work… after all, the biggest companies in the world are using infrastructure like this. We just knew it had to work. We’d hit some sticky spots with resulting slowness, but we were going to make it through.

But then Friday the 22nd came.

And we got hit with a seized up server. It wasn’t behaving at all, and we ended up going down for about an hour as we sorted it out. We thought we had just pushed our server to the limit… in hindsight, that was kind of silly to think, since we were using servers about 10 times more powerful than most people would use for the load ResponsiBid has… but we just thought it was the spring rush!

But it wasn’t.

Over the weekend we tested out even bigger servers, and it worked so good. We even used the words “This will melt your face off” kind of speed. So our plan was to upgrade to the new server on Monday night. But we didn’t make it to Monday night. We made it to about Noon Pacific Time. Our alarms started going off, and we thought we could simply make the switch early. But the problem was that the infrastructure we had used had been merging our databases to keep them in sync, and somewhere along the way there was a discrepancy in the syncing. And this caused something that experts would call “data corruption”. It happens every once in a while and it’s something that can be fixed, but can also act like a little “gremlin” in the code until you find it and fix it. We had to go through a process to clean the data which made it so that we had to take everything offline for server maintenance all afternoon.

While our users were trying to work.

It was humiliating, frustrating, and intense. The pressure was so thick that we were feeling sick to our stomachs. I was replying as fast as I could to people who were concerned about what was going on, while trying to get the cleaning process over with. We also decided to leave the cloud infrastructure behind and ditch the cluster setup. We got 2 new servers and went back to what we knew worked. We are using 1 server for the database and a second one for our code. It’s simple, it works well, it’s stable, and we have used it for years. We upgraded to a faster setup than we had previously used (hopefully you are noticing the speed!) and we feel confident that everything is back to the good ‘ol days.

But we are gun shy.

We think we have resolved all the conflicts in the database from the old syncing that we did throughout the last month. But remember, the database is more than 2 GB of data. It’s more than a human could physically read though in an entire lifetime… so we are going to be watching like hawks. And we hope you never have to experience that ever again. I know that I lost about 5 years of my life in this process… and I don’t have much more to give.

So the bottom line:

We researched it, tested it, and pushed the server cluster into production. We tried to make something really special for our users. But it just didn’t work out. We tried to make it work, and we did everything we could to do it. But in the end, as of this moment (which I pray is the end) we have gone back to the structure that we know well, and have cleaned up the damage that the server cluster caused. We have the fastest and most robust system we’ve ever had, and came back to the architecture that we have proven to be rock solid.

We love ResponsiBidders! We want you to have the best. And this time the best isn’t necessarily the newest.

We thank all of you for your patience with us, and we hope you know that we only want the best of you. We work as hard as we can to be your partners in success. You are the engine of America, and we want to help propel you forward!

Happy ResponsiBidding,

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Spring & Summer Webinar Schedule


Webinar Schedule:


Title: Understanding statuses, default and custom
Date: Tuesday 3/29/16 4pm Pacific Time
This is a pretty basic webinar, but there will be some stuff in here for more advanced users too. We will be covering everything from why a status exists to how to build custom statuses to pull off some neat tricks with your follow-up! 
How to join: Click this link within 5 minutes of start time.
(First come first served, limit 25)

Title: The Daily Digest as a Work List
Date: Wednesday 4/13/16 4pm Pacific Time
Description: The daily digest went out one day and added a bunch of organization to your life, but many companies don’t even know how it all works! We will be giving you a full fledged tour of how to use the daily email, plus the live version right inside of your ResponsiBid account. 
How to join: Click this link within 5 minutes of start time.
(First come first served, limit 25)

Title: Killer Follow-Up Strategies
Date: Thursday 4/28/16 4pm Pacific Time
We will show you how to go about setting up the most effective follow-up sequences and strategies that the most successful ResponsiBidders are using. You will learn how to build out emails, SMS (text messages), and schedule phone calls that will keep you organized and your customers totally WOWed! 
How to join: Click this link within 5 minutes of start time.
(First come first served, limit 25)

Title: Using Your Own Email Inbox with Automation
Date: Tuesday 5/10/16 4pm Pacific Time
We will teach you how to use all of the email follow-up automation directly tied into your own email account. You can be sending your auto emails from your Gmail or other email provider instead of using the default ResponsiBid servers. Once you know how to set it up, you’ll notice that you can slide right past the spam filters in a much more wonderful way!
How to join: Details to come.

Title: Using the New System and Why it’s So Much Better
Date: Wednesday 5/25/16 4pm Pacific Time
Learn how to setup your services in a uniform way and make changes in your workflow. You’ll see bunch of new modules, new powers of the modules, and the things that make it all work consistently.Learn all the in’s and out’s of how to fine tune your pricing strategy, and how the pieces of the new builder work for you the hardest. Once you understand the principles of how the module editor works, you’ll have the confidence to customize to your heart’s content. It’s really quite simple, but sometimes it helps to have someone just walk you right through it.
How to join: Details to come in your in-app chat.

Title: Adjustments, Overrides, and Commercial Bids
Date:  Thursday 7/7/16 4pm Pacific Time
See all the tricks and tips on how to adjust a bid or massage the pricing without changing the specifications about the job. You will also learn how to make great commercial quotes using custom items, original modules, and put in place the overrides for all the “bid in person” items you outlined in your original pricing structure.
How to join: Details to come in your in-app chat.

Title: Integrating with Google Calendar
Date: Wednesday 7/20/16 4pm Pacific Time
 Learn how to integrate your appointment scheduling in ResponsiBid with Google Calendar. You will learn how to customize the notes, location, and even how simple re-scheduling can be! There is a lot of magic going on with this feature, but you will totally understand it by the end of the webinar.
How to join: Details to come.

 Title: Packages That Sell
Date: Thursday 8/4/16 4pm Pacific Time
Learn from other ResponsiBid users some of the strategies that have helped them to get the best close rates, upsells, and overall happiness! See how much money you might be leaving on the table, and share your insights with other ResponsiBidders!
How to join: Details to come in your in-app chat.

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Google Calendar Integration

Spring 2016 Update! Our update that went out last night was a pretty big one and here’s the rundown: Google Calendar Integration – ResponsiBid will schedule jobs for you in Google calendar, make the notes you need, and listen for any changes to fix follow-up if you move the appointment. Faster servers – We upgraded […]

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