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Window Cleaning Bidding Software


Hear from our window cleaning customers had to say at WCRA’s Huge Convention! What do that think of ResponsiBid as a window cleaning bidding software?

Why do I need Window Cleaning Bidding Software?

  • Systematized bidding so any employee can bid perfectly.
  • Constant upsells for your customers to buy more.
  • Automate follow-up and keep all your prospects.
  • Understand what leads are closing the best.
  • Allow your website to sell certain  jobs while you sleep!
  • Have the confidence that everything’s handled.

I’m blown away.

I just signed up for ResponsiBid last month. I built an entirely new website just to support ResponsiBid. In two weeks I’ve already saved enough gas from not running estimates that it’s paid for itself.  I had heard nothing but good things and I felt it would be a good addition to my business.  My old website was junk and truth be told I didn’t really want customers to see it.  I’ve stepped my game up big time this off season.  Also, I thought it was an unnecessary expense. I can see now, how it actually saves money.  I’m blown away by how responsive Curt Kempton and his crew have been in helping me get up and running.  They treated me like I was the most important customer they have. I would recommend to anyone.

Andy Hendricks
A-1 Window Cleaning Service

ResponsiBid is a pile of “Coolbeans” covered in “Awesome Sauce”.

I purchased ResponsiBid in January, as spring time is around the corner.  ResponsiBid just booked a $250 job while I was out walking the dog on a Sunday! ResponsiBid is a pile of Coolbeans covered in Awesome Sauce!!!

James Long
Innovative Glass

ResponsiBid is amazing.

ResponsiBid is amazing! I have used ResponsiBid for a while but just upgraded to the premium… and what a difference!! I am always looking to streamline my business and ResponsiBid is going to be a huge help for organization and follow-up.  It is like having a built in secretary, bidder, and personal assistant all wrapped up in one package called ResponsiBid….Thanks for such a great product!!

Jeremy Kiefer
Clear Shine Maintenance

Raising the bar for the service industry.

You have done it once again! Just when I think ResponsiBid can’t get any more spectacular, you go and do it again! We are averaging more bids per day than ever before and it’s mainly because ResponsiBid! I love walking into the office after a long weekend only to be greeted by a bunch of ResponsiBids in my inbox…. kinda gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling :) Thanks for always raising the bar for the service industry and my own personal business. I’m going to make a video for you because this is just too good to not share it with the world!

Jason Evers
Coastline Window Cleaning

It paid for the entire year in one day.

It paid for the entire year in one day! We love ResponsiBid because it’s different and not many of my local competition have anything like it; and it works hard even when I’m not. It was surprising that potential customers fill out the form, get a quote and request a cleaning without even calling us first. It even allows us to provide a quote to someone who probably prefers doing things on the Internet without calling a salesman for a quote. Yet I could use it to give quotes in the field with the same exact tool.

Phil Rogers
Extreme Cleaning Solutions

It automates & streamlines our business.

ResponsiBid is automating & streamlining our business; making us more responsive to our customers. We also feel it’s presenting our company more professionally based on appearance and how uniformly bids are generated and booked with little to no effort on our part. Since moving over to ResponsiBid, we were able to streamline our pricing and become far more efficient in our bidding. We do 90% less onsite bids, saving us time and money!

Kristina Krich
Tradewind Window Cleaning

ResponsiBid handled it all.

This is a sophisticated window cleaning software that NO window cleaning company can afford NOT to have! I installed it on Monday night and 2 days we have booked 4 jobs from it so far, totaling $1021. I find this pretty amazing, #1 because we we didn’t have to look at the job, and #2 we didn’t really have to deal with the client other than helping them pick out a date. ResponsiBid handled it all.

Chris Lambrinides
All County Window Cleaning

It saves us tons of time.

We chose ResponsiBid because it takes the guess work out of bidding, and makes my life easier. I was particularly pleased with the ease of uploading our company’s information into the program.As a direct result of using ResponsiBid, we are more consistent with our bidding. Our employees are using the pricing structure on all homes and this has added profits and decreased the anxiety of bidding. It saves us tons of time. If customers fill out the info, before I even speak to them I save tons of time!

Micah Shelton
New Outlook Cleaning Services

I’ve made real money.

I’m a real person with a real cleaning business, just like you and I use ResponsiBid. Since I began using the premium version of ResponsiBid, I’ve made real money allowing ResponsiBid to automate my up-selling.  I’ve also saved real money by using ResponsiBid to systematize my pricing and implemented phone and online bidding. ResponsiBid saves real people and real companies real money every day. I highly suggest you really give it a try!

Michael Mole
Mole Cleaning Services

ResponsiBid is amazing.

ResponsiBid is amazing because Curt and his team are continuously making it better. I am very impressed with their friendliness and responsiveness.  I would go so far as to say the ResponsiBid team has set a benchmark in customer support that all other companies could learn a lot from!

Manny Galvan
Texas Star Window Cleaning

ResponsiBid is a must have.

ResponsiBid is a must have. Since I started using it, I have not physically gone out to bid a single residential job. The time and gas savings alone makes it well worth it…but that’s not all. At the time of me writing this, ResponsiBid and recently teamed up. This duo is unstoppable! does an awesome job funneling potential customers to my site, and then once they’re there, ResponsiBid closes the sale….sometimes while I’m sleeping. I kid you not, this has happened several times already! I’ll wake up, check my email, and find out that I booked $300-$400 jobs in my sleep. It’s a satisfying feeling to say the least.

Garrett Groll
Gleaming Glass

Our business lifeline.

ResponsiBid has been our business lifeline. We have saved so much money and time using this program that for this reason by itself it has paid for itself monthly within the first week of every month. That on top of the number of jobs we have received from people who, like me, do not like to be “sold” to by a person. But ResponsiBid actually does a much better job selling without the customer ever realizing that is what’s happening. The automatic follow-up emails are an absolute must have! I would say 80% of the customers schedule after receiving a few follow-up emails and then they thank me for my promptness! It is just amazing– and I get the credit for it all.

Emily Edwards
NW Window Washing

It’s worth it’s weight in gold.

I have to say, while I saw the benefit of this program, I was very skeptical of paying the monthly fee.  I just didn’t know if it was “worth it”.  Well I’m here to tell you…after only about 2 months of using ResponsiBid…it is worth its weight in gold!  I will recommend this product to anyone and everyone.  ResponsiBid has helped us jump start our spring season and given us peace of mind (and peace in the office) when it comes to following up on bids sent out.  We don’t have to think about those bids once they are sent…and it keeps us organized.  ResponsiBid has taken a labor intensive process and made it almost effortless!  Thank you ResponsiBid for making our lives and businesses so much easier!

Austria Goeller
Brightview Cleaning, LLC

ResponsiBid is the bomb.

I want to go on record saying ResponsiBid is the bomb. And so are your people.  This system is running my business and we are absolutely tearing it up!

David Carroll
Lions Share Maintenance

I am so happy with ResponsiBid.

I am so happy with ResponsiBid.  People have contacted me from my website that I know would not have done it any other way.  I really like that it collects the person’s information as it give the lead so that I can get high quality leads.  I’m not talking about $200 house washes.  I’m talking about $400 house washes and $1,200 roof cleaning jobs.  It’s well worth getting setup and on the website.  I can’t say enough good things about it!

Micah Kommers

Customers get a price when they want it.

We love ResponsiBid because it actually sells the customers who are browsing our website and may not be ready to actually schedule an in person quote. We are quite pleased with the results, especially the pressure washing and gutter cleaning features. Customers get a price when they want it, and the great part is it takes no work on our part. We can now save time in giving personal quotes or quotes over the phone.

Kurt Miller
Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Service

It is the equivalent of having a secretary working for you 24/7.

When I started my business I was all by myself, and I was afraid that if I missed a call I would lose a prospective customer.  I had read about lots of people using ResponsiBid, but I wasn’t sure it was cost effective.  At the beginning of this year I decided to give it a try.  My very first customer that used it through my website got an instant quote, chose which package that they wanted, and informed me that they were ready to schedule… all without me answering the phone.  Honestly ResponsiBid is priceless.  I couldn’t imagine trying to operate my business without it.  It is the equivalent of having a secretary working for you 24/7.

Tim Wagner
Wagner Window Service

I was at dinner and I closed a job.

ResponsiBid has given me so much more time to do what I love to do, and spend less time giving quotes.  I was at dinner the other night with my daughter and I closed a job while we were having a nice dinner, it was so nice!  Sometimes people call when I can’t talk and it’s so easy just to send them to the website and let them know that they can use the same tool to bid their home that I would use if I were walking around their house.  That way I know they will always be properly followed up with and it pays for itself many times each month just with that feature alone!

John Lee
John Lee Window Cleaning

ResponsiBid does everything for you and does it better.

I woke up early in the morning to a pending residential windowing cleaning job that I didn’t need to drive to, didn’t need to take time for, didn’t need to be awake for and didn’t need to have inconveniently scheduled into my day or my clients day… ResponsiBid does everything for you and does it better!
While I am cleaning other windows, while I am out with family, while I am asleep, while I am working and actually making money ResponsiBid is taking care of my potential cliental and even following up with them to make sure they are taken care of. It’s really a simple choice. ResponsiBid Premium Package

Chisum Proctor
Integrity Window Cleaning

Incredibly powerful, beautiful, and functional.

ResponsiBid is an incredibly powerful, beautiful, and functional window cleaning software. No matter the size of your window cleaning company this software WILL be incredibly helpful. For me, I was having a difficult time juggling being outside of the office cleaning windows and having bid requests coming in at the same time. Now my potential clients can see an exact price right on my website with ResponsiBid’s beautiful proposals. If I’m having a really busy day, and don’t have time to call those who have received a bid, ResponsiBid’s got my back with the Follow Up Builder. I can’t imagine running my window cleaning company without it.

Eric Ehlers
Super Clean

This thing works awesome.

This thing works awesome.  My sales manager literally gets jobs every week from people replying to the automated emails. They think he sends each one personally but it’s all automated.  And now our bidding system makes it so easy that any employee or homeowner can do it.  We did 36 bids in June alone.  The time savings as well as knowing the customer is followed up with automatically is incredible.

Josh Latimer
Birds Beware Window Cleaning

Upsells while I sleep

ResponsiBid has given me great ideas to totally focus on customer service. This weekend ResponsiBid collected a bid from a customer whose job normally would have gone for about $300.00. However, because we now offer a basic, deluxe, and premium clean as well as chandelier cleaning this job easily upsold to a $600.00 premium clean plus 15 lamps to be cleaned. This was all because of ResponsiBid! I just want to thank you for all your help and I think ResponsiBid is absolutely AWESOME!

Kyle Wick
A Touch Of Glass

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How does ResponsiBid work?

How to use ResponsiBid window cleaning bidding software.

By the pane? By the window?

ResponsiBid will allow you to customize how you do your bidding. You setup the methods you'd like to use for your area. Do you charge by the building size? Do you charge by the pane? Do you charge by the screen? How do you determine ladderwork fees? Once you tell ResponsiBid how you'd like to bid and what prices you'd like to charge, the system is ready to use!



By the pane? By the window?

ResponsiBid will allow you to customize how you do your bidding. You setup the methods you'd like to use for your area. Do you charge by the building size? Do you charge by the pane? Do you charge by the screen? How do you determine ladderwork fees? Once you tell ResponsiBid how you'd like to bid and what prices you'd like to charge, the window cleaning bidding software is ready to use!

window cleaning bidding software - spec collection

Grab window cleaning specs.

ResponsiBid truly is window cleaning bidding software for your business. It makes it easy for you to setup what specifications need to be collected about each job, and how you will price them. You'll never forget to factor in things like, window tracks, area trip charges, or any other easy-to-forget things.

ResponsiBid makes this for you.

ResponsiBid will take your pricing strategy and convert all of the job specifications into prices. Then the system will organize all of that into your packages that sell your company's value proposition instead of traditional line item pricing. You will be able to edit, adjust, and polish each proposal to be just as shiny as the windows you are cleaning!

You will automatically see any price floors, trip charges, or adjustments right at a glance without distracting your customer from the value proposition. This is becasue your customer will never see this part of the bid!


mobile window cleaning bidding software - price expansion

ResponsiBid makes this for you.

ResponsiBid will take your pricing strategy and convert all of the job specifications into prices. Then the system will organize all of that into your packages that sell your company's value proposition instead of traditional line item pricing. You will be able to edit, adjust, and polish each proposal to be just as shiny as the windows you are cleaning!

You will automatically see any price floors, trip charges, or adjustments right at a glance without distracting your customer from the value proposition. This is becasue your customer will never see this part of the bid!

window cleaning bidding software - proposal generation

And your customer will see this.

ResponsiBid’s proposals will not distract your customer from making the purchase. Normal bids and proposals are full of line items, trip charges, and minimums. ResponsiProposals (see what we did there?!) only sell value and attach a price to it. This makes from abundant and friendly upsells and easier decision making for your customers. That's why window cleaning companies that use ResponsiBid average higher closing rates than the national averages and also higher average ticket prices. That's a lot of winning all in one place!

ResponsiBid Features

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Quotes. Systematized.

ResponsiBid makes giving quotes as simple as collecting specifications about a job, running it through your pricing structure, and then building a beautiful proposal. Your staff can collect the specifications over the phone or in person. Once you feel comfortable running your quotes though ResponsiBid, you can even install ResponsiBid onto your website for customers to interact with.


Simpler is more powerful.

ResponsiBid’s helpful graphics guide your customers and employees. In our fully customizable deluxe and premium accounts, you can adapt the wording of the titles and descriptions for your specific area and determine how your customers will interact with it. Don’t worry. Your account comes loaded with all the defaults. You simply turn off or change whatever you want so you can use your own pricing strategy and lingo.


Totally automated follow-up.

ResponsiBid’s built-in automation will let you build out custom follow-up sequences. Then you can set timers for the templates. You can rest assured that all of your leads are staying warm and nurtured. You can also customize the templates for specific customers. In any case, the follow-up automation safety net will help you confidently know that your customers aren’t falling through the cracks.



Automatic email follow-up.

From your own inbox.

Automated emails can run into lots of problems with email providers these days. We have allowed you to directly tie in your SMTP credentials, or directly into your Gmail account so that your automated emails are sent directly from your own email inbox which will get you a lot more deliverability than generic email servers sending on your behalf.


Integrates directly with Google Calendar

When you schedule a job in ResponsiBid, you can have it automatically schedule the job in your Google Calendars. And if you need to move the event in Google Calendar later on, ResponsiBid will make all the necessary adjustments to your follow-up so you always look like the hero!


Proposals that sell.

ResponsiBid proposals tend to close more than 80% of the time and at higher prices! Why? Because they naturally upsell better packages by using the same proven strategies used by national retailers. The user-friendly proposals allow prospects to become customers by simply selecting one of the options.

This proposal video will allow you to:

  • Sell your packages based on value. Not price.
  • Compare and contrast your packages. Your customers will know what fits their needs.
  • Explain how there is no need to find another solution since every solution they will most likely need is right there.
  • Help underscore the value of each package and why getting a bid from another company would not be a true comparison.

Sell face-to-face.
Even on your website.

Your proposals will sell based on value. And this video is an example of just one of the 4 kinds of video that you can integrate into your ResponsiBid bidding system. You can integrate any Vimeo or YouTube video directly into your selling or bidding process.

This example video is an example of helping your customer understand the proposal that you are placing before them and giving your best sales pitch that you would give in person right with any proposal.


No more double entry.

Connect ResponsiBid to your favorite "Customer Relationship Management" (CRM) software so that every time a bid or lead comes in, you will find all of the data exactly where you would expect it to be in the software and ready to move forward. We make connecting to your CRM easy and effortless by simply turning it on... No coding required. We connect to The Customer Factor, All Clients, Service Monster, and Hatch Marketing platforms effortlessly. You can use our Zapier connection to connect to lots of other software too. Feel free to inquire if we can connect to your favorite CRM!


Collect everything
you want.

ResponsiBid isn’t just a calculator. It’s responsible bidding software that makes sure no prices are given out without first collecting the vital contact information you specify. Every bid is withheld until this information is gathered ensuring your leads are fully qualified. This guarantees that your prospects are entering your system and giving you something to follow-up with.


Be a know-it-all.

ResponsiBid makes it a breeze to track stats like your close rate, average ticket price, and top-performing lead sources. Once you start running all your bids through ResponsiBid, not only will you easily be able to find and follow up with all of your leads—you’ll also open up a new window into your business! This will help you know what you never knew before! And you’ll know it at a glance. Without doing anything extra.


Massage the pricing.

Sometimes prices aren’t cut and dried. ResponsiBid gives you the power to discount, upcharge, or set a specific price so that you have total control of the final outcome.


Made for mobile.

ResponsiBid works on mobile devices natively from the browser. You can bookmark ResponsiBid to your home screen and use it just like you would an app when you are out in the field. This makes it so that everyone is up to date all the time and has the proper tool right when it’s needed.


Want a module only for you?

We can build you a module that is only for your business that would allow for automated bids that no other company on the planet would have access to. Ask us about our "Tailor-Made Modules" built with love by our development team specifically for your company.


Custom items.

Using the custom item area allows you to build out limitless, yet specific bids outside of ResponsiBid’s native service modules. ResponsiBid even automatically templates any custom items your business has used in the past.

Perfect for the following industries

Carpet Cleaning
Tile Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Gutter Cleaning
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
Maid Service
Lawn Care & Landscaping
Deck Cleaning & Restoration
Christmas Light Installation
Concrete Cleaning
Glass Scratch Removal & Restoration
Solar Panel Cleaning
Window Tinting
Carpet Cleaning
Tile Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Gutter Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning
Window Tinting
Maid Service
Lawn Care & Landscaping
Deck Cleaning & Restoration
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning
Christmas Light Installation
Concrete Cleaning
Glass Scratch Removal & Restoration

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