Master Butler Agreement/Payment

Agreement With Master Butler, Inc

You can make payment in the link below.

Development of:

  1. We will build a section in your Jobber connection that you can turn on that will keep “line item descriptions” from going to Jobber. This will send over the title “Window cleaning basic” or whatever as the main line item, but no description area.
  2. We can build you the ability in your CrewCal settings that will allow you to change the status of the customer (and therefore any follow-up including notifications to yourself) whenever they are shown the “oops” message.

[stripe name=”symphosize, llc” payment_button_label =”Pay $1500 Now” description=”Agreement for 2 features to be built” amount=”150000″ success_redirect_url=”” failure_redirect_url=”” prefill_email=”true” payment_details_placement=”below” receipt_email=”true”]

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