The Level-Up Scholarship Program is designed to help service business owners have free access to education and accountability coaching. It helps those who feel that they are “owned by a job” and not “the owner of a business”.  It was developed by Symphosize, LLC as a way to give back to the service industry in the form of a “Hand-UP” not a “Hand-OUT”.

What is the Level-Up Scholarship Program?
Here are some FAQ’s:

How does the education work?
The education portion will be provided by Conquer. They’ve developed a 12-week course that will teach the information necessary for a business owner to understand how the sales, marketing, operations, and finance portions of their business all work together. The course will clearly define what steps need to be taken in each area of the business to keep it healthy and working toward the goals of the business owner.

How does the accountability/coaching work?
Our friends at Conquer have provided a Conquer Coach to help with monthly accountability coaching sessions. These 1:1 sessions are to ensure that what the scholarship recipient is learning in the education portion is being followed and applied to the business. If the scholarship recipient is diligent in these accountability sessions in learning and applying the fundamentals in this program, they will qualify for the “Graduation Gifts”!

What happens when someone “graduates” from the education portion?
They will have been given all of the learning and implementation necessary to become the “master of their business”. They’ll no longer be “owned by a job” but rather be “owning their business” to reach their personal goals in life. If all accountability is met, as seen by the coach, then the scholarship recipient will then be given all of their “Graduation Gifts”!

What are the “Graduation Gifts” I’ve heard so much about?
Graduation gifts will be given to successfully graduated scholarship recipients. They will include:

  • 1 free year of ResponsiBid Ultimate
  • 1 free year of SendJim
  • 1 free year of Quality Driven Software
  • Free admission to Bookkeeping Academy’s online “4 Weeks to Better Bookkeeping Class”
  • 1 free month of “guaranteed hire” to recruit their first employee by Blue Skies Admin Services (job postings, applicant filtering/vetting, and interview setup)
  • 3 free business books from Pink Callers
  • 1 free ticket to the ResponsiCon sales conference

Who is funding this?
This program is fully funded by other business owners whose donations are matched by ResponsiBid up to $10,000 per year. These donations are paid as $10/mo contributions and are matched to become $20/mo once ResponsiBid has matched the funds. Money is used 100% to cover the costs of Conquer Coaches and the fees associated with Patreon’s billing platform. Each participant is expected to receive over $6,000 of value (mostly donated by vendor sponsors) between the course work, coaching, and graduation gifts.

How do I nominate someone to the program?
Once you sign up as a Patreon donor to the program, you will be sent a link that you can use to nominate a scholarship recipient. Symphosize, LLC will then send out an application to the scholarship noting you as the one who nominated them. There cannot be anonymous nominations. No one can nominate themselves. There are no guarantees which applicants will be chosen as we can only move as many people through the program as funding is available (hard costs are approx. $1,000 per recipient).

How do I become a donor to the program?
You can donate here on Patreon. Only $10/mo is currently allowed, as all funds will be matched by ResponsiBid up to $10,000 per year for a total of $20,000 funding the program.

Can’t I donate more than $10?
Not at this time. We are trying to share the experience with as many as possible. The intent is less about how much is donated and more about just having a massive group of people sharing the good deed in a meaningful way. If you are totally dead-set on donating more, please reach out to us through chat and we’ll discuss it with you.

Is this a Non-Profit?
Not yet, even though 100% of money is given to the cause. Symphosize, LLC is keeping all the funds separate while exploring the options in setting up a Non-Profit entity. This program is set up as a non-profitable venture and a charitable way for ResponsiBid to follow their company value of “Always Give Back” but the process of getting 501(c)(3) status is still being pursued and we are currently looking for anyone who can help us do that. All funds are separated from company funds and ready to seamlessly go into the entity once it is completed.

Turn $10 into $20

Help a struggling business owner with a “Hand-UP”, not a “Hand-OUT”

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